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Iowa Hawkeye Pro Combat


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So I was playing some college football today and got inspired and here is the result of that.

I gave the Hawkeyes a Gold jersey just to do something different, but kept the sleeve striping the same because they wouldn't be the hawkeyes without it. On the helmet I put the tiger hawk inside the state of Iowa because it is the Hawkeye State for a reason, and the ANF sticker stays on the helmet.

I also made the inside of the collar blue, with the phrase "Blue Collar" on the inside, because thats what Iowa Football is all about.

let me know what you think


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Very reminiscent of these:


Anyway, I think this looks really good so far. I'm not crazy about the sleeves, though - they're too small for you to pull off the "thick stripe on a contrasting sleeve" look. I'd switch the sleeves to yellow and then replace the yellow parts of the striping with black, and the white stripes could be outlined in yellow.

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Looks cool. Reminds me of the Steelers though.

Have you ever seen Iowa's normal uniforms? Theyre stitch for stitch Steelers with a better number font. plus the color scheme. Exactly how can you do Iowa and maintain the school's current identity without looking like the Steelers. Its kinda their thing.

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