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Aberdeen Wings (NAHL) Concept


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This is a concept for the small hockey team in the town where I live. They are called the "Wings;" they use red, white, and black; and their mascot is a pheasant. All that they use currently for a logo is a winged-W and they use it as the crest and shoulder patches on their jerseys; both home and away. This seems too boring for me.

The concept that I have put together is influenced by the Buffalo Sabres alt and a little from the Detroit Redwings and Washington Capitals. I believe that the Script logo would look great in grey on a black jersey with red piping/stripes. I added the grey in on most of the logos just to add a little variety.

These are only in as drawings (like many of my previous posts; please check-out) because my vector magic went away with my dead computer. I hope to render these and my others someday. (Could anyone send me Vector Magic?)

C&C Please





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That third logo looks a lot like this one right here...


Just because the wing is facing forward doesnt make it the same. The style of the wing is completely different. I like the A with the wing best. As far as the script, the A seems somewhat removed from the rest of the letters but for marker drawings, these are pretty good.

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Your artistic skills are very good. Forget about vector magic and do yourself a favor and get inkscape or a similar program. You could really take your concepts to the next level with a vector program.

I like all the logos you have presented here. Even though they are a bit complicated, I think they work in this application. The "W" with the wings is stellar.

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