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Miami Heat Concept


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Just did a quick Miami Concept here, inspired by Conrad's fiesta themed Heat concept.

I've been thinking that if the Heat did make a drastic change, realistically what they would do.

I've always liked the Heat's logos and wordmarks, but I felt that the uniforms (despite looking good) could be used for any team. The Pistons wear almost the exact style.

So, with the Raptors and Blazers wearing black.red.white/silver I decided to make the Heat a little more unique and follow the NBA's current trend of fauxback looks.

I wanted the Heat's primary color/shade to be black, with other colors as accents. Decided to change up the font a bit (more Floridians style) because I think the Heat ball-flame logo is untouchable and if they do ever make slight adjustments it will be with the font. Also slightly changed the secondary to match the new font. Anyway, the sidepanels are inspired by Miami's art deco architecture, and the 5 lines also symbolize the 5 players on the court. Hope you enjoy it!


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In my opinion you did a great job of incorporating pink into the jersey; not too much, not too little. The pink does a good job of accenting the orange in black without making it stand out too much. I love the work you did!

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Interesting concept, and good for a first pass, but I feel you could definitely delve deeper into this. The font is okay, if that's the route you wanna go, but not sold on the width on the "A" or the backwards "3" look of the "E".

What is the significance of the horizontal stripes on the side panels, and are the numbers a little too heavy... especially on the back? They're covering a lot of real estate on there.

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