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Best defunct team logo


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Having ceased to exist or live

Excerpted from The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition Copyright © 2010 by Houghton Mifflin Company.

The Houston Colt 45s are now the Houston Astros, they don't count. They didn't cease to exist, only a name change, just as Washington Bullets/Wizards

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what is the crusader one from? its not the cleveland browns is it?

It's a logo for the old St. Louis Browns badeball team (the present-day Baltimore Orioles).

Also, isn't a crusader. It's the statue of King Louis IX of France, aka Saint Louis, from the city of St. Louis. Louis IX is the city's namesake.

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I think it's open to any logo that's no longer in use. So with that in mind I'm going to agree with griffinmarlins and say the Hartford Whalers logo.

More speficially, name changes as well as defunct teams, so, for example, the Houston Oilers and Seattle SuperSonics could apply, if anyone so chose them.

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For me, this discussion begins and ends with the Whalers and St. Louis Browns. That Browns logo posted above, while it seems almost like something out of European soccer, is a thing of beauty.

Some others I like:


Always had an affinity for this old Giants logo. The script is so 1950's and very New York at the same time.


(It's a shame this one was only really used for half a season. The "C" fits this logo way better than the "O".


Simple, classic, recognizable. The Houston Oilers really had a great identity.

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Can you guys explain why you chose your particular logos? For example, I chose the Colt .45s because I LOVE how the C in Colts serves as the smoke coming out of the pistol. As for the St. Louis Browns, I really like the use of the silhouette of Saint Louis himself, for which the city gets its namesake, and, as mentioned, how it looks like a really nice soccer logo.

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The team was owned by the Pepsi bottling company

Way ahead of it's time with the way corporate sponsors now have their own logo on the front of the soccer shirts.


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