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ECHL Chicago Express unveil jerseys


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The logo seems very large on the home and away.

I've heard many rumors about the 'reebok' front script on jerseys next season, interesting to see it here.

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They look like the OilerHawks. Not that it's a bad thing, they just do. Not crazy about the primary, the secondary, the "Express" name, or the general train motif for a team in Schaumburg/Hoffman Estates, whose development centered around expressways rather than railroads, like most of the region did. Like, of all the places in the tri-state area to do a choo-choo theme, you pick the big blob of mall sprawl? The arena's right on the tollway, too! Well, I guess they weren't going to call them the "Poplar Creek Tollbooths," were they. I'll deal.

It'll be interesting to see what the long-term fate of this team is. One way or the other, they're not long for this world as an ECHL team. They'll either be mismanaged into oblivion and summarily forgotten, or the Blackhawks will make them their AHL affiliate because nobody in Rockford has a job. I'd like to see this team do well and justify the white elephant Sears Centre, but I'd also like to see Rockford get its crap together and stop being one of the ten worst cities in America or whatever it was recently named. I don't find either outcome highly likely, though. :(

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