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With Pat Fitzgerald starting to elevate northwestern's football program and the beginning of the new look Big Ten, I decided that NU was in need of an update. The primary mark is now a singular wildcat head, while the traditional wildcat/"N" logo was kept as an alternate. The uniforms are fairly simple (keeping with the Big Ten Theme) but also have a unique look, separating themselves from other schools within the conference.

The jerseys and pants can be mixed and matched, allowing for both two-toned and monochrome looks. Thought about adding a black set of pants to mimic the current uniform set but decided not to, as i was trying to keep the use of black to a minimum.

C&C welcome and appreciated


Thanks to andrew harrington and davidson for the templates, theyre amazing!

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Other than trimming off some of the serifs, that's the Texans. I'd add something else to those inserts. Otherwise it just looks like empty space for no reason

Yeah i was trying to incorporate the thick shoulder stripes from their previous sets in a way that was a little more original and out of the ordinary. I didnt add anything else to the "inserts" so the set didnt turn into boise states. I didnt really notice before but the font does seem to look at lot like the texans... that wasnt on purpose. I shouldnt have messed with the font...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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