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Another Jets concepts


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So, this is my FIRST original concept. I did the coyotes update with the Jets colors, but I wanted something that was my own idea. I had time to work on this since I'm out of school now for summer B). The jet is a little bit "southwestern" looking, but it's a concept. I only have paint on my computer, so deal with the "horrible" look of it. So, tada :grin:

Main logo and scriptwinnipegconcept.jpg



Home jersey


Away jersey

WINNIPEGUNIS3.jpg Alternate jersey


C+C please. Also, thank you to DeFrank with the whole direct link thing.

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I actually really like the idea of just a big jet on the front of the jersey.

The secondary logo however.. I just don't think Winnipeg has a skyline that is imposing or....... different enough to be made into a backdrop of a logo. The Mets are a different story but I just don't see it for Winnipeg.

All in all, I like it. (refined of course).

good work.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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