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Phillies and Flyers concepts


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I'm a huge fan of adding the liberty bell to my philly teams jerseys, it looks very classy, so i tried my best to add them to phillies and flyers concepts. Note i did not finish the caps of my phillies red jerseys b/c i'm either going to stick with the liberty bell cap with my blue jersey or i'm going to reintroduce our old interleague cap with the blue brim and blue star inside the "P". I also changed the color of the font on our gray road jerseys and the stripe patterns. I know alot of traditional fans may not like the idea (I'm a traditional myself but just wanted to see our jerseys in a new way), but i thought it would be cool to just give it a try, I cnt stand how anal our organisation is with red in the script. I"m not saying to get rid of it by any means just use blue as an alternate.

I will continue to learn i have so many ideas with jerseys with just the "P" on the front whether its our current or the one from the 1970s-1991 era (i'm even going to try to mix match the current and old colors with the current and old jerseys).

Tell me what you think, like them, hate them. What I should do differently, or what you would do differently.



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