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Winnipeg Jets


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That is absolutely Canadian gorgeousness there! The trails get a little lost in t he wings but that's fine because it makes like the vanes in the leaves. That is a really good looking logo and it says Jets and Canada!

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I think the jets get lost in the logo.

As usual, your idea is spot-on and genius, but i think this needs just some minor tweeking to make the jets stand out as jets a little more.

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It takes me a few seconds to realize what the Jets really are. At first glance, they look like skyscrapers.

My thoughts exactly. But when I realized what they were I immediately saw the amazing potential this logo has.

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meh... could be better.

lol, this is why this is the last thing i post.

Awesome, now we lost the last great designer we had on here. This place is nowhere near as awesome as when I first signed up. I'll see you on dribbble, davidson.

As for the design, I find it a little busy. The Jets overlapping adds to the complication. How would it look like with just 1 jet. The way the outline of the leaf near the top juts into the leaf also makes the logo a little hard to read. With everything going on, I think it would be hard to distinguish the logo from the seats. I say it needs simplification to make it iconic.

Great effort though.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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