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Need sports wallpaper for your iPad?


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Guys, I made some wallpapers for iPad. :)

I started doing a few, all about baseball; if you want one not listed here, PM me and when I have a little time, I'll do one for you.

Generic baseball wallpaper


(The picture wasn't mine, I found it googling and I decided to make an iPad wallpaper from that.)

Mexican Leagues

tigresquintanaroo2.th.jpg tigresquintanaroo.th.jpg cafeterosdecordoba.th.jpg

(I did them because a Mexican guy asked me for his fav teams. One is the Quintana Roo Tigers and the other is the Cafeteros of Córdoba - Córdoba Coffee-planters, an extinct team)


athletics.th.jpg redsox.th.jpg giants2.th.jpg giants1.th.jpg


miamiheat.th.jpg celticshs.th.jpg

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Hi, oddly enough, this is my first post since joining some 5+ years ago. I was wondering if you could possibly do a Washington Capitals one? I would be very grateful.

It says this is your first post :blink:

Yeah, that's kinda what I said. lol

Been here 5+ years and this is my first post. Sorry if there was any misunderstandings there. :D

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