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Carolina Hurricanes alternate

Le Québécois

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I like the boldness of it. But it could never be used in reality. 1)The Devils 'own' red/white/black. I think that's why the Canes add a superfluous grey outline to everything they have. 2)It's too simplistic for today's NHL/RBK.

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it's too... 90's

It's too...ripoff fashion fan jersey.

what do you mean?

It reminds me of a jersey you would see if you walked into Zellers. Like this. Doesn't look official, the big name on the hem strip, recolored logo...

Basically sums it up. I don't mind the font logo, or the strips, but the wordmark, below the logo. It's cheesy, plus that stripe doesn't go all the way around making really awkward stopping point. I get trying to making it unique with this, but I'm afraid its looking like 19-Red-Joe-Sakic-Atlanta-Thrashers-Jersey.jpg

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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