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Favorite All-Time Teams


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I was looking back at the 2004 Detroit Pistons an wondering, who else are my all-time favorite teams. The following are mine. Who are yours?

1. 2004 Detroit Pistons - A bunch of nice guys who were never afraid to pass the ball and won off of their lockdown defense. Chauncey, Rip, Tayshaun, Rasheed and Big Ben all proved you don't need a superstar to win.

2. 2006 Michigan Wolverines- My favorite ever football team, they were fun to watch and carried on the Michigan Tradition. They had great players like Chad Henne, Mike Hart, Mario Mannigham, etc.

3. 2006 Detroit Tigers- The team that turned the franchise around. They had a magical season into the playoffs and turned everyone into believers. Although they lost the World Seires, it was a terrific baseball season.

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1. The 1999 San Antonio Spurs. Led by David Robinson, a young and talented Tim Duncan, as well as many veteran Spurs like Sean Elliott and Avery Johnson, it was the first time my hometown won a world championship in a professional sports league. Not to mention they were dominant during the regular season and playoffs. I got to go to Game 1 and Game 2 at the Alamodome, and will never forget that experience, knowing you were watching one of the greatest NBA teams of all time, but your city's first championship team.

2. The 2002 Detroit Red Wings. Yes, they were loaded with all-stars, but they were a fun team to watch (which, during the Dead Puck Era, is quite an accomplishment) and they were one of the most dominant hockey teams of the past 20 years. The 1997 team might have broken the Stanley Cup title drought that the franchise had experienced for 40+ years, but this was one team they had that was dominant wire-to-wire.

3. The 1985 Chicago Bears and 1989 San Francisco 49ers. Yes, it's a tie, and neither of these teams are ones I'd root for in any capacity, but in terms of defense and offense, these were dominant, championship teams that I would pay to go see. The Bears had an entertaining defense and probably the most characters with character you'd ever see in a football team. The San Francisco 49ers at that time, and especially that year, were Showtime on Turf. They could strike from anywhere on the field and had an insane amount of talent on that roster... Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, John Taylor, Roger Craig, Ronnie Lott, Bill Romanowski, Charles Haley. Just insane.

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I'm going to second the 2002 Red Wings. Though teams that are "loaded" aren't uncommon anymore (I'm looking at you, NBA) it's hard to find one that actually shows class (I'm looking at you, Heat)

Even though the '02 Wings had Brett Hull and a young Sean Avery, they were still a classy team. That started with Scotty Bowman and went through the entire team.

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1996-97 and 1997-98 Utah Jazz:

These teams are still a huge part of history and sports lore here in Utah. They took the entire state by storm at the time - I fondly remember living in Blanding, clear on the other end (south) of the state, and seeing Jazz flags, banners, and posters everywhere. Especially now that the Jazz have never been able to get back to that playing level since, these teams are always remembered and beloved here, even though they unfortunately fell short both years in the Finals to Michael :censored:ing Jordan and the Bulls.

2003 Anaheim Mighty Ducks: This was the team that got me following hockey. Thier Cup run was unbelievably exciting. It's unfortunate that they had to run into the Devils, but at least they made it a great series.

2009 Real Salt Lake: As Utah's first major sports champion, '09 RSL will always stick with me. Enduring usual mediocrity and rumors of moving away, we fans enjoyed the ultimate reward watching the Cup run end in thrilling fashion, with our team hoisting the trophy. I'll never forget that.

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2002 Anaheim Angels - Not the best team the Angels have ever had, but definitely the one with the most heart. Glaus/Anderson/Salmon were the best talents on the team. John Lackey and K-Rod emerged in the playoffs for this team. The rest of the guys could be described as players that all had some sort of chip on their shoulder. Heck even when they hit their stride in September and went something like 23-5, the division-leading Oakland A's matched that record and the Angels settled for the wild card. But they overthrew the Yankees, stormed past the Twins, then staged a comeback in down 3-2 going into Game 6 against the Giants and won the World Series.

2003 Mighty Ducks of Anaheim - Same type of grittiness, determination and luck as those 2002 Angels. At the time, Paul Kariya was far and away their best player. Sykora was good, but not his New Jersey good. Rucchin was the top-line center and Keith Carney and Ruslan Salei were the top d-men. JS Giguere wasn't anybody until this season, and the Ducks obviously rode him most of the way. The rest of the guys were vets at careers end (Adam Oates/Steve Thomas) or a bunch of also rans. Besides Giguere and Kariya, the only two guys from this team that survived until the 2007 Cup were Sammi Pahlsson and Rob Niedermayer. A lot of gritty defense, great coaching from Mike Babcock, and one of the greatest goaltending performances of all time with Giguere. Tied the 1993 Canadiens for the best OT record (or was it most OT wins?) in a single playoff. Swept the defending champion Red Wings, #1 Stars in 6, held Minnesota to all of one goal, then ultimately fell in 7 games to the Devils.

2007 Anaheim Ducks - I've read in several different reputable places of information and discussion throw this team in the top of the conversation for one of the best Stanley Cup teams of all time with those 70s Canadiens teams. Penner-Getzlaf-Perry: strength and power. Kunitz-McDonald-Selanne: speed and scoring. Moen-Pahlsson-R. Niedermayer: one of the best shutdown units ever, no one could get it going against those 3, completely neutralized each team's top line. Thornton-Marchant-May/Parros/Miller: straight energy and Marchant was nails on faceoffs. S. Niedermayer-Beauchemin: Scotty got the Conn Smythe and was still at the height of his powers. Pronger-O'Donnell: Pronger's slapper was dominant, and despite his 2 suspensions, this was an effective pairing. Huskins-DiPenta: Ok, not much to write home about, but they did their job. Hardly ever made mistakes. Blew through Minnesota and Vancouver (including a series-ending Luongo brainfart), tightly contested series against Detroit (one of the better series I can remember) and then a thorough smackdown of the Senators for the Cup. Then even when Scott Niedermayer won the Conn Smythe, no one really knew who would get it until they announced it. McDonald could have, Getzlaf could have, Giguere could have, Pahlsson could have, hell Moen might have had a case with just his Finals performance. Every single person on that team contributed in HUGE ways. 16-5 record. Just an awesome team.

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Ill pick one from each sport

1986 Mets

1999/00 Devils

1985/86 Celtics

1988/89 Seton Hall Basketball

1984 Dolphins

2006 Rutgers Football

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2010 San Francisco Giants: Awesome season, went to game 1 and watched the Giants do something they hardly ever do, score a boatload of runs. I've always been a big Giants fan, but I took up more of an interest in football for awhile. My parents watched every single night, though and around 2008 I began to do the same thing. In 2010 I missed all of maybe five games. I watched or listened to at least a good portion of every game and only missed when I had to. I don't think I'll ever fully comprehend what I saw that season. I just sat there silent after Renteria's series clinching home run happily stunned. There was no way that team should've been anywhere near that trophy that season and somehow they won it.

2002/3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I never thought they'd win a Super Bowl. First time I remember really following a team every game that won a championship. I'd put that Raiders team they but pretty high up there too as I went to a few Raiders games that season and had a cousin on the team.

2010/11 Nevada Wolfpack Football: Went to a few games that season including the stunner over boise State.

2001/2 Sacramento Kings: Had they pulled out that series vs the Lakers out I'd probably be a bigger Kings fan than I am of any team. I'm still kinda bitter about it and haven't had the same interest in basketball since. I think that's how a lot of people in Sacramento feel.

1999/2000 Tennessee Titans: They had played in Memphis, where a large portion of my family lives, the two previous seasons so I saw a lot of the Tennessee Oilers. Their change to the Titans is what got me hooked on sports logos and such. I was still a much bigger Bucs fan, but a Titans Buccaneers Super Bowl would've been perfect. The Rams really ruined the end of that season for me :P

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2006 St. Louis Cardinals- The only time that I was truly old enough to appreciate a St. Louis pro sports championship (I was only 5 when the Rams won the Super Bowl in '99). Also because this team had many of the players that I looked up to throughout my childhood. Mainly Pujols, Edmonds, Rolen, and Carpenter.

2006 Mizzou Tigers Football- By far the best team for the Tigers since the 1960's. They had the most NFL talent in a Mizzou football team in recent years. Not to mention their #1 ranking toward the end of the season! The fact that Kansas had there best football season in '06 made for an exciting show of my favorite College football rivalry that year.

2004 St. Louis Cardinals- IMO the most talented Cardinals team of the past 25 years. Also, The first time I experienced the great atmosphere in St. Louis that came along with World Series baseball being played.

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2008 Giants Until Week 16 I never fell in love with a team this much. Earth, wind, and fire (Jacobs, Ward, Bradshaw) was a great trio. Eli Manning, Toomer, Plax, Our O-Line (Snee, O'Hara to name a few). Our D was unreal with Tuck, Pierce, Webster, Ross, and Kiwanuka. It is a shame that Plax was stupid enough to shoot himself because they were bound to win Super Bowl XLIII.

2009-10 Syracuse Orange Basketball Team The 7 man rotation is all I can say. Wes Johnson, Rick Jackson, Andy Rautins, Arinze Onuaku, Brandon Triche, Kris Joseph, and Scoop Jardine. Butler ruined everything in the Sweet 16.

2004 Nets Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Semis will haunt me forever. So close to a 3 peat in the Finals (We would've beat the Pacers in the East Finals). But Kidd, Jefferson, K-Mart, Kittles, and Alozo Mourning with a bench of Lucious Harris, Brian Scalibrine, and Jason Collins? That is a championship team in my eyes.

2006 Mets I attended Game 7 of the NLCS and I am still bummed to this day. We would have blown Detroit outta the house and would have won the 2006 World Series. But Beltran, Wright, Delgado, Pedro Martinez, Billy Wagner Green, Chavez, and Reyes was a championship team.

2003 Devils Finally a real championship team. Stevens, Brodeur, Elias, Rupp, Madden, Niedermayer, and Daneyko were truly unreal. The Cup finals should never have been 7 games, the Devils should have taken a 3-0 lead if Brodeur never lost his stick and would have won in 4 or 5.

The NBA between 2002 and the 2007 Finals Maybe I am just saying that because the Nets were good during than but this was before all of this Big 3 :censored: . The NBA was in its best days during this time. All teams were equal and there were very few one and done players in college like today and the competition was just better for some reason. Hopefully, the Big 3 stuff is a thing of the past once the Lebron, Wade, Bosh era ends.

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1988 Dodgers (Last Championship won, and I remember that season fondly)

1992-93 LA Kings (It was just a special year and I can remember some of the games from the regular season)

2002 Bucs (Been a Bucs fan since '84)

1985 Rams

1990 BYU Cougars

1985 Lakers (not a basketball fan anymore)

1994-1995 UCLA Bruins

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1994 Chargers - our only Super Bowl team, with Stan "The Man" Humphries doing work and Natrone Means beasting. Just an awesome team through and through, and it's a damn shame that they ran into those salary-cap cheaters in San Francisco in the Super Bowl (not that I'm still bitter or anything :P )

1996-97 and 1997-98 Jazz - Stockton and Malone in their prime! They should have won titles but the Jordan factor was too strong.

1996 Jaguars and Panthers - I was rooting for a Jaguars/Panthers Super Bowl that year. That would have been awesome. Plus, Natrone Means was on the Jags that year, while Sam Mills (one of my favorite defensive players) was on the Panthers.

1999 Rams - That team was fun to watch, because you were guaranteed a high-scoring and competitive game.

2001 Sixers - I'm a big Iverson fan, and that run to the Finals was basically the pinnacle of his career.

2001 Diamondbacks - They beat the Yankees.

2004 Pistons - They beat the Lakers.

2006 Clippers - Elton Brand, Chris Kaman, and Sam Cassell all played on another level, and we went further than the Lakers in the playoffs.

2006 Chargers - That team should have won the Super Bowl. I'm still pissed about Marlon McCree and Marty Schottenheimer basically taking a hot, steaming dump on all the momentum that the Chargers had.

2006 Boise State - The Fiesta Bowl! I'll never forget that Statue of Liberty play.

2007 Rockies - That comeback was impressive and I was rooting for them to beat the Red Sox.

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For me it has to be the Toronto Rock NLL franchise between 1999 and 2005. They won five championships in that span and named an award after their coach, who died 48 hours after their last title win.

Close second would have to be the Jays in 1993.

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Considering in my lifetime most of my teams have been wallowing in mediocrity...

1998 New York Jets. Granted, the Rex Ryan-era Jets have been fun to watch with their back-to-back AFC Championship appearances, but as a 7/8 year old kid, it was awesome seeing Vinny Testaverde, Curtis Martin, and Bill Parcells lead the team to a 12-4 record and almost pulled off the upset against the John Elway-led Broncos in the AFC Championship Game.

2001-02 New York Islanders. The year the Isles came out of nowhere and were actually good for once. Real fun to watch them all season long and their playoff series with the Leafs was epic (eff Darcy Tucker)

2006 New York Mets. I know the 2000 team won the National League, but this team was probably my favorite. Took the NLCS down to the final inning and was one of the best teams in baseball, which you can't often say for the Mets. This was back when everyone (besides Heilman) was clicking and it made for an all around enjoyable experience.

2002-03 Syracuse Basketball. As a student, it's easily the 09-10 season. As a fan, you gotta go with the national title team. Carmelo, G-Mac, Warrick, just a fun bunch of guys to watch and for once Syracuse sealed the deal in March to win it all

2009 Syracuse Lacrosse. I know all about the huge turnaround of 08, but this team was just flat out great. They only lost two games during the season, one of which to UVA by only 1 goal and the other against Princeton at Giants Stadium, which, well, was a terrible effort. Other than that, they were great, including the way they dismantled Maryland and Duke in the tournament. Huge brownie points for their comeback in the national title game against Cornell because it was probably the craziest finish to a game I've ever seen in sports, plus I was going to the senior prom the next week with a girl going to Cornell, so Syracuse needed to ruin their dreams of finally winning a title, of course :P

2010 Syracuse Football. I was too young for the McNabb era (I became a fan in the twilight of the Coach P era) and they sucked throughout my time in high school. As a student, I have to say this past season was so much fun. A great team? No, not by any means. But an awesome time seeing them win games they weren't supposed to, being on hand to see them clinch a bowl berth against Rutgers, and winning a really entertaining Pinstripe Bowl? That takes the cake for me

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Cool topic.

In no particular order...after the first one.

1984-85 LA Lakers: Kareem was still great (oldest Finals MVP ever) and Magic was at the top of his game. Add it up with Worthy, Coop, Rambis, and Scott, throw in a title clinching win over the Celtics in Boston (first team to do that), and you have my favorite basketball team ever. Probably my favorite team ever.

1985 Chicago Bears: That defense was a sight to see. Wilbur Marshall's TD in the NFC title game was the perfect exclamation point to that season. The Super Bowl was a forgone conclusion. I don't remember who said it (Bob Trumpy maybe?) but an analyst was asked if the Patriots could cover the point spread or something like that and his reply was "I don't see how they can score a single point."

1984 Detroit Tigers: Not a "superstar" in the bunch. Just a really good team. For those too young or that just don't know this, the '84 Tigers started the season 35-5. They were a lot of fun to watch. My favorite double play combo ever; "Sweet" Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammel.

1989 San Francisco 49ers: Montana, Rice, Taylor, Craig, Lott, Haley, Turner, need I say more? Watching them dismantle Denver in the Super Bowl was really something. Montana left no doubt that he was the best ever.

2002 Ohio State Buckeyes: Maurice Hall scoring on an option to beat Michigan, Krenzel to Jenkins on 4th and the season against Purdue, and beating the mighty Miami Hurricanes to win it all. At the time, no one thought the Buckeyes could stay within 14 of the Hurricanes. The best championships are the ones that no one expected your team to win. (Spare me the late flag etc. I've heard it all. B) )

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1999 Cincinnati Reds - That team was not expected to do anything and they won 96 games. They lost to the Mets in the one game playoff and still have the most wins of any team to miss the playoffs in the wildcard era. I was 11 years old and every guy on that team was a character. That was a fun summer.

2005 Cincinnati Bengals - they were the first Bengals team of my life that was actually good. The offense could score at will and the defense always seemed to snag a turnover at the most opportune time. The way they lost in the playoffs was one of the most devastating losses I've experienced as a fan.

2008-2009 Columbus Blue Jackets - this'll sound lame because they were a .500 team that got swept in the playoffs, but they were a fun team to watch. They were scrappy and battled and played with heart. They lost a lot of games, but they rarely got blown out and they always stood up for themselves.

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2009 New Orleans Saints: They won the Super Bowl. Simple as that.

2006 New Orleans Saints: The hope they inspired in this region was a force that really helped kickstart the rejuvenation of the Gulf South and will never be forgotten.

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2008 Detroit Red Wings...I could probably list every Wings team for the last 15 or so years, but I'm sticking with this one. What really makes this one is Darren McCarty's comeback. '97 was fantastic, with his goal against my hometown Flyers (who I hate), but his battle to get back to the NHL in '08 was really special.

1993 Phoenix Suns...while I loved the Nash/Amare run, this was the squad that made me a Suns fan. From Barkley and Majerle to Richard Dumas, I loved this team. :censored: Jon Paxson....ruined my DisneyWorld vacation.

2002 Anaheim Angels...obviously, winning's the key here. Not my favorite Halos squad, but definitely the most memorable, for obvious reasons.

1994 California Angels...similiar to the Suns, this was the squad that made me an Angels fan. While they weren't an elite team by any means, some of my favorite players (Salmon, Snow, Chili, Langston, DiSarcina etc) made up this team.

2010 Detroit Lions. It gave me hope. 6-10 felt like winning the damn Superbowl. Plus, I drove 8+ hours to the home opener, which is far and away the coolest sports experience I've ever had. Suuuuuuuhhhh!

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t-1. 1993-1997 Nebraska Cornhuskers. 3 National Titles in 5 years. Tom Osborne's last years at the helm were legendary, only losing 3 games in that stretch, including what would have been a fourth national title to Florida State in 1993. Tommie Frazier's thrashing of Florida was epic, breaking 8 Gator tacklers on probably one of the most unreal runs in college football. Frazier is still the only player to be named MVP of 3 Consecutive National Title Games, and honestly, he deserved the Heisman over Eddie George.

t-1. 2001 Nebraska Cornhuskers. Who could forget the end-season controversy between Miami, Nebraska, Oregon and Colorado? Miami stomped us in the Rose Bowl, but Eric Crouch capped a record smashing career with a Heisman win. Still amazing to watch him blast a 95-yard run by outjuking all 11 Missouri defenders.

3. Jordan-era Bulls. I've since lost interest in the NBA, but have fond memories of Jordan, Pippin, Rodman, Grant, Armstrong, Paxson, and more light up the court. Also led by Phil Jackson, who in my opinion, is one of the best coaches in any sport at any level.

4. US Miracle on Ice. Again, not a huge hockey fan either - but is there anyone who watched that US Hockey Team and DIDN'T get chills? They are the textbook definition of a Cinderella Story.

5. Kurt Warner-era Rams. The Greatest Show on Turf. Watching Hakim, Bruce, Holt and Faulk slice and dice defenses for 500+ yards a game was electric. St. Louis had the perfect blend of players who were all coming into their prime. Dick Vermeil's return to the NFL after years as a broadcaster was also a highlight, given that he could never win the big one at Philly. The last-minute drive by the Tennessee Titans in the Super Bowl was one of the most nail-biting moments I can remember.

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