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MLB Concepts and Alternates


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Alright, I figured since my other thread has a negative vibe to it, I'd start over.

Here's two logos I created for Tampa Bay.



The baseball was created using the sphere designer in gimp with a main white color and a smoky gray color to add shading. I used the curve bend effect, but used the "free hand setting" and the red stitches were used by combing two calligraphy brush lines into one at an angle.

The "TB" and "Rays" font I believe is "Perpetua Bold Italic" which I think is similar to the font the team uses now, but not sure.

I want to get some cap/helmet and jerseys posted, but first want to see which of the two you like. Personally, I'm digging the TB one myself - at least for the cap/helmet and shoulder patch. The "Rays" version seems like more of a main logo to me.

C&C welcomed

I'll see if I can post a couple caps or jerseys in a little bit!!

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Love the colors. They're very Floridian(if that's a word). I'm not sure if I'm a fan of the gradient effect in the baseball(I usually love gradients in logos).I actually think the font works well. Nice job.

Thanks. Yeah, it's pretty much TB's current colors, but I utilized the sky blue a little more evenly with the Navy and a little more sun-gold. Yeah, I like in the baseball, but the shadow sort of makes it look like the baseball is dirty or has scuff marks. I liked the orange rays behind for the sun, but I don't know how much orange I'll put in the uni's, we'll see. Thanks on the font. Like I like to say "Less is more" and this I think is the case with the font - very similar but different :)

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Alright here's another logo set for you. Before I post the uniforms for TB and Seattle, I thought I'd take to creating a seattle mariners concept.

I've been searching Seattle Mariners concepts on these boards and saw some really awesome concepts. Though, most went in the direction of combining the current logo with old or altering the old with a modern flavor. I decided to go in a different direction. Here's what I came up with:

From left to right (1-3)


1. Added a ship Wheel (aka Helm) Navy Blue, with a wheat/gold and Northwest Green outline. Baseball behind the Helm. "Seattle Mariniers Baseball Club" script and the "S" in Silver with the Navigation Star.

2. Removed the Navigation Star, as it felt a little too much gray/NW green and a little busy.

3. Ditched the Northwest Green, and gray and went back to similar colors of the retro era of blue and gold. Colors: Current Navy, crisper gold, a little darker than wheat gold. I'm calling "Seattle Gold" also white.

I admit #3 looks a bit like Milwaukee's current color scheme. But It just looked crisper and clean than the the other two - as hard as it was to part ways with the Navy Northwest Green and gray color scheme as it's a great color scheme.

Anyway, which logo do you like the best?

For some reason I could even out "Baseball Club" and if you notice it's not lined up - My hands couldn't for the sake of anything work the paths tool or rotation tool to correct it.

All in all despite those issues, I like it's start.

You know the drill.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on what to do with the Caps/Uniforms let me know. I'm also going to start working on a "Mariners" script to go with these.

Thanks in advance.

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LOVE the Mariners logo. You should try one more with the Gold/Yellow and Blue but include the compass in the center.

The first one's design is the best but I'd also like to see it in the old colors. Great work.

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Not feeling either one. In the Rays, the "R" is way too far from the "A". I always liked the northwest green but never the navigation star in Seattle. I liked the trident logo.

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Thanks for the comments on the Mariners. Yeah it was bit difficult to forgo the NW Green/Teal, even though the Navy and Gold looks pretty good. But I decided to take a crack at a few more of these and will the one that people think are best and use uniforms.

So here's the new set. All "Ship Wheel/Helm" designs. They kind of remind me of Shoulder patches and a primary logo. At least that's my initial thoughts when seeing these.

From L to R (1-5)


1. Not much difference, but per requested added the Navigation Star with the Navy and Gold.

2. The trident M replaced the S and added 's and nav star to the top of the M. I think the trident M and 's with the nav star without the Helm could work as a cap/helmet logo.

3. This one I almost didn't plan on including because it just seemed a bit weird, but I added the navigation star to the top between the I and N in Mariners and it's now becoming one of my favorites in this set.

4. I liked the original #1 of the gold S and the green with silver and Navy, but I thought there was a little too much gold with the Ms current colors, so I reverted back to the Navy, NW Green and Silver, with a little white.

5. Only difference is the white outlines were changed to silver.

I know they're a little hard to see, but I wanted to get the set in there, if you want to see one or any of them in larger size just post which one and I'll post it for you.

Anyway, I'm thinking of doing one more logo concept before I bank out uniforms for Ms and maybe Rays. Any ideas on which team I should try next? I was thinking Royals, Reds, A's and/or Astros.

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Alright. Decided to go with the second from above. A Helm/ship wheel with The trident M with the Navigation star at the top. Seattle Mariners Baseball club workmarks inside the Helm and a baseball behind the wheel. I reworked the navigation star, and trident M slightly but not a whole lot. I've also included some uniforms possibilities. Still debating the Shoulder logo. I've only got six uniforms and caps in this update/post. I have a couple more uniforms and a few more caps that I'll post in a bit.




Left side and bottom right Current uniform concepts.

Right side, a combination of old and new "Throwback Modern"


I actually decided to include the additional uniforms and caps below:



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