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Seattle Sounders FC and Seahawks Concepts


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Hey guys, im a major Seattle fan for soccer and football. I decided today to rebrand both teams. I've currently done logos. I'm currently thinking up jerseys for both teams

But here is my logos:


Sounders FC logo.

Used 2 main things that symbolize the Northwest. The Space Needle from Seattle. and the Pine Trees. It also includes Chief Seattle, which is part of the Seattle Flag

now for the Seahawks logo...


Old colors, New logo. I also added the classic 3 stripe pant style on logo

What do you all think?

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The sounders one is great, I just prefer the original. That, and their rival, the Portland Timbers, would somewhat be in their logo. I do like the retro feel though. The seahawks one is pretty good, I prefer the current one however, because of the simplicity.

I prefer the currents, but that doesn't mean these aren't great.

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What if the outside ring of the sounders logo, used the pants stipe (just adding a white outline around the green ring?).

I tried that earlier and it seemed kinda of "busy" With the Seahawks logo i added the pant stripe design cause that would be most likely used on the jerseys. As for the Sounders and the MLS, they will never ever have a stripe like that on their uniforms. Simple because of MLS's deal with Adidas, it will be the basic 3 stripes of 1 solid color. And im sure the last thing Seattle wants to do is incorporate Adidas into their logo haha

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I think the Sounders logo is sweet... but its a tiny bit too tall. It definitly creates a tall feel for the trees space needle that i think you were going for, but i just think its too tall for a logo/crest... Also, the pine trees can be a little more logo-y, if that makes sense. If they had some sharper edges with less leaf detail i think it would look better. Its too much detail for a background image. Finally, the area where the base of the space needle meets the chief's head could be a little cleaner. If it ended with a curve, matching the curve of the chief head, rather than a straight line, i think the whole thing would flow better.

GREAT job overall on both logos though. Seahawks is perfection

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