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Elitle Roller-ball Alliance


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Okay, I have started a new sport and in the process of getting more players for the league and hopefully with launch the August Tournament soon, I have logos already made for the Vacant teams and such, the following below are the Logos

This is the link to the league's website still in the works.

My link

So if your interested into seeing more just asked I am actually wondering if the colors are too much.

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Rules Of Elite Roller-Ball Alliance

1. The Shooter is the only one allowed to shoot anywhere during the game and is the only one allow to strike a goal from the Skate Boarder line where it will be automatically, 3pts.

2. The Enforcer is the only player allowed to strike the other teams player without being penalitized, They are allowed to shoulder block, push and forearm take downs.

3. The Wingers are NOT allowed to strike a player in the same fashion as a Enforcer, they are allowed to do checking players and screen blocking.

4. Goalies are Allow to leave there net but can not cross the Red line of the circle.

5. Opening of all games there is a Throw-off and if the Away team scores off the The throw-off they will automatically get the ball during the second half, but if not than there will be a Face-off in the circle.

6. Any choke locks on any choking is not allowed and automatically, rejected from the game and Fine on the same day.

7. Fights are allowed once the player falls to the ground it is over, But if there is a second fight between both players there will be autmatically be rejected and suspensed for two games

8.) During the Throw-off, the home team can not engage unless the shooter crosses the Boarder line, once than they actives the game. 9.) Normal Roster size is 15 active with 5 reserves making it a total of 20 players. 10.) Equipment must be 100% accurate to the players, roller skates, gloves, helmets and chest protector. 11.) Roller-Ball is a Unisex league therefor equipment must be to the key to the players natural biology.

Manual Methods of Play

In Roller-Ball, the speed of the game is as important as the passing the ball and tricking your opponents, but when both teams are comparably fast, other skills come into play. One of the most important of these is faking-making the opponents think you're going to do one thing but do another and of course this is hard in roller skates, Now, until Handball this ball never needs to be dribble, but the ball must be passed around through out the whole game the only players that can travel with the ball is the Shooter & Enforcer, Left & Right wingers are clock managers therefore the jobs are to pass the ball to keep the clock moving and interrupt the opponents Momentum. There is different styles to pass the ball in ERA and here they are listed below.

FIST: One basic passing movement is a punch with the fist clenched in the "thumps up" position. The leg on the same side as the hand holding the ball is thrust forward, to make room for the swinging arm.

WRIST: The Player creates the impression that he/she is either going to keep ahold of ball or pass to one side. But then , with an upward flick of the wrist , passes it from below his down turned palm in the opposite direction.

OVERHEAD PASS: Made on the run this move requires non-throwing arm to be outstretched-(for balance and to provide directional slighter.) The left foot hits the ground at the moment the right hand releases the ball.

SIDE ARM: This motion but the player is made when they are in a rush to score and off balance on there Roller skates or as they are falling down.

Field Of Play

The Field of Play is about 200 ft long- (61 m), & 85 ft wide- (27m), Now, this is very different where they have one Boarder Line in the face-off circle where after the throw-off is made both teams must play from this circle every time a plenty is made, During Throw-Offs for the Home team engage the opponents they have to wait until the Shooter crosses the line and once he/she does that the game is live. Now, the standard Score area is different the net for is 9ft & 9in wide- (3m) & 6ft & 6in tall- (2m) and the crest is divided into different point areas and the point system will be listed below.

WHITE ZONE: 1 point- (Normal scoring method.) Face-on

BLUE ZONE: 2 points- (Blind side scoring Method.) side of the net,

CHALLENGE ZONE: 3 points- (Scoring Method from the Borderline) Shooter ONLY


SHOOTOUT SHOTS: 4 points- (Sudden Death Only.)

Equipment Requirements

Now, Equipment Requirements vary in Roller-ball because it a Co-ed/Unisex league therefore the Equipment must meet the requirements. Goalie are Equipment is as listed below.

GOALIE: Mask, Catcher's Chest Protector, Street/Roller Hockey Leg Pads, Blocker and Catcher.

SHOOTER: JT Folding Chest Protector, standard handball gloves, JT Neck Protector, Helmet.

ENFORCER: JT Folding Chest Protector, standard handball gloves, JT Neck Protector, Helmet.

WINGERS: JT Folding Chest Protector, standard handball gloves, JT Neck Protector, Helmet.

Now, of course if the player is female this what they would get for themselves listed below.

Women's Chest Protector by Kim's Pacific or Shock Absorbed Women's Padded Pump Bra.)

Shock Shorts


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