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Conrad's Posters / Wallpapers [new USSF wallpaper]


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Been on a PhotoShop kick lately making stuff to commemorate the recent Champions of various sports...

FCB Champions League title (also have this one 11x17 at 300 dpi):


The Dirk (also have a hi-res version, not sure of the size):


Mavs Champs:


Timmy - Conn Smythe winner (also have this one 7x11 at 300 dpi):


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I agree, these are fantastic. But did you intentionally leave out the H on the first one?

lol, yeah thats how you spell "champions" in Catalan, the language in Barcelona ;)

thank u both for the comments!

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Been LOVING the recent success of my Lions, so I was inspired to put this together of my favorite NFLer:



This is amazing for 3 simple reasons , 1. Best receiving group name ever 2. Clever singular nickname 3. You did an amazing job combining it all!

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