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Every MLB cap logo since 1950


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In 1950, the Athletics wore gold trim on their uniforms to pay tribute to Connie Mack's 50 years as manager. I've seen pictures of the cap, which had the gold trim around the white "A", but can't find it right now.

Reds had an oval non-wishbone C that was red with navy outline from 1961-1966. Worn on gray cap and white red pin-striped caps.

Wow good catch(es), it's really hard to see those outlines on the Dressed to the Nines pictures. Thanks for the info.

Pretty sure this is incorrectly listed, as it only appeared on the jersey (with a blank cap).

Also with regards to the pillbox caps: unless I can find photos of other teams using them, the only ones I am including are the Pirates, Cardinals, Mets, and Phillies.

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Updated! (See the front page)


1950 A's with gold outline

1961-66 Reds oval "C"s with outline

Current Astros BP (Texas logo on brick)

19?? Phillies "P with stars" BP logo

1987-92 Mariners logo, non-sloppy version

19?? Royals grey cap


Purple-on-purple Rockies logo

Did not add:


Stars & Stripes

Throwbacks that weren't used as a full-season alternate

Caps not worn by players (A's manager caps)

Any extra pillbox caps (haven't yet found photo proof other than Pirates, Cards, Mets, Phils)

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The 1980-1984 Padres logo (third one, brown SD on yellow field with orange piping) is incorrect, or at best, incomplete.

The main logos they wore were as follows:


Note that the cap that Dick Williams wore on the left had a thicker SD than the one that Goose Gossage is sporting. In 1984, New Era supplied the team with the caps on the right, somehow thinning out the SD. Good reference on the whole history of Padres "Taco Bell" caps are right here: http://ballcapblog.blogspot.com/2010/07/hey-baseball-fans-i-will-begin-my-first.html

The logo you have depicted above was used on their batting practice jerseys:


The reason I qualified my first sentence as "at best, incomplete" is because I used to have both the 1984 and 1985 Padres Media guides and in one of those guides they had a picture of Dick Williams wearing a cap like that. It looked like Spring Training and I don't recall anyone ever wearing that version in a real game. According to the link above, that cap was made by Roman Pro and was sold in retail outlets to compete with New Era and Sports Specialties.

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I love it how several members are coming out to make sure this is done right. I'm sure the OP is very appreciative. I know I would be. Keep up the great work! You guys are catching all kinds of things.

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A couple more addies:

Browns had gray and white caps in 1950 with browns visors. "STL" in both cases was orange.

Tigers "D" in some cases had a different Gothic font thru 1967. Can't pull one up right now, but I will try soon.

Plus the one "B" on the cap of a very youthful Ted Williams is from - at the latest - 1941 or so.

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Even so, the Red Sox' "B" logo varied a bit from manufacturer to manufacturer, even in the 1950s.

And the Brooklyn Dodgers wore at least three different "B" caps in the 1950s. I'll dig out the pics tomorrow.

Congrats, though, on not using the Official Cooperstown Collection file, about the only version of their logo the Dodgers didn't wear in the 1950s (or any other era).

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