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2012 MLB & Possible Realignment


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Here is a link to the article:


First of all, I totally hate the idea of getting rid of divisions. The main reason divisions were first introduced in 1969 was based on the belief that "Nobody will want to go see a 12th place team play." By realigning to 15 teams per league, and eliminating divisions, you now run the risk of nobody going to watch a 12th place team, let alone a team in 13th, 14th or 15th place!!! Very poor idea.

I do however like the balanced leagues, 15 teams per, and that there will always exist a need for at least 1 interleague series to take place. I'm even on board with the advent of there being 2 wild card teams, playing 1 game to earn the right to take on the top seed in the Divisional Playoffs, but not at the expense of getting rid of divisions.

The article also says if this happens, the Houston Astros would move from the NL Central to the AL West. I guess I would rather see the Milwaukee Brewers return to the AL Central, move the KC Royals to the AL West, and leave the NL as it is (sans the Brewers in the NL Central obviously).

My other idea involving the advent of this would be in keeping 6 divisions with 5 teams per. 21 division games per opponent for 84 games. 18 interleague games on a 3 year rotating basis (3 games vs 4 teams in 1 division and 6 games vs the other team in the division...i.e. Yankees would theoretically play 6 vs the Mets, and 3 vs. the other 4 NL East clubs). That leaves 60 games, which would be 3 home and 3 away vs. each of the other 10 teams in your own league. 84 division games, 60 non-division league games, and 18 interleague games. It would give a bit more equality in pennant races, it would eliminate dreaded 12th - 15th place teams, and it would in theory, give the current interleague rivalries a bit more of a novel feel to them, since the Yankees & Mets would only play once (or twice) every THREE seasons instead of every single season...

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What I would do is switch the Astros from the NL central to the AL west to create 15 teams per league, 5 teams per division. While the main problem with this is In-league play(AL vs AL or NL vs NL), having 14 teams play and 1 team have a night off every night, I say that interleague play becomes a regular part of the schedule. Not as much as in-league play, but maybe 1\3 of a team's schedule, like in the NBA.

3-4 games vs each interleague team

9 games vs division teams

about 7 vs. out of division, in league teams

Although those numbers don't work out perfectly, a schedule master can make it work.

a little unrelated, but my view on interleague play is: either make it a full-time thing or don't have it at all. It's not fair having the Mets play the Yankees while the Phillies dodge the Yankees and get to play the Royals, etc.

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