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Not really feeling the paintbrushy American flag behind the USA wordmark. On the blue jersey, it gets lost in the background, and on the white jersey, the USA bleeds into it to the point of illegibility.

The watermark is a good idea, but you have it on the front of the sleeves and not on the back. That sort of half-and-half thing would look terrible on the ice.

Also, there's not enough contrast between the shade of red and the shade of blue chosen. When they butt up against each other, they bleed into each other pretty badly. Either use a lighter shade of red or separate them where they come together with some white.

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Watermarking hockey jerseys is a nice idea.

How about running the pattern from the sleeves down the side panels.

The often neglected side panels are actually quite visible during play and

don't interfere with logos and numbers.

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