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Jaguars Update


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Since the Jags are one team that seem to be looking into a possible relocation to LA, i thought itd be cool to do an LA Jags concept. I was doodling at work today and came up with this. I think it seems a bit more powerful and menacing than the current one. I also kept the same general color scheme, i think it looks awesome and is easily identifiable.

1st draft:


C&C please

Im thinking about doing a uniform set as well, just want some feedback on the logo before i get started

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Wow, that's a great start! A few minor nitpicks....

- The angle of the eye could use some work. If you look at the angle of the eye of what Missouri Tigers posted, it looks like the jaguar is growling/roaring, rather than yawning or laughing, as yours kind of gives off.

- The back of the head looks a little strange to me. I really can't put my finger on it, exactly. It just seems to abruptly end, then kick back out for part of what I guess is the neck. I think if you either give more a hint of the neck, or just completely eliminate it, it might help out.

- The teal could be a little brighter. The tongue doesn't show up very well against the black.

- The hard angle of the far eye doesn't really flow with the rest of the concept. It doesn't bother me a whole lot, but it's a little distracting.

- The wordmark could really use some work. I think once you knock out the jaguar in itself, you can revisit the logo to make them mesh a little more.

Like I said, great start. You're well on your way to something really nice here.

...and I just noticed you're also from Lancaster. Glad to have another one on board!

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i don't think jaguars will be moving any time soon

Excellent c & c of a design, I agree completely with all your criticisms of the design....

Anyway, love the idea, well executed. The outline of the jag makes the left (right?) tooth seem to stick out a bit, even though it's not. Might want to add a slight curvature. The wordmark needs a lot of love and embellishment - run wild! The quality of that logo needs to be echoed in the wordmark.

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He is saying that they are ONE of the teams looking into the relocation not THE team... focus on trying to help him improve this already great logo rather than making this a thread about which team any of us think is relocating... The only thing that looks "odd" to me is the back of the logo, maybe just connect it rather than have one random spot shooting out like that.

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Hate to tell you but the Jags aren't the ones moving to LA, and to be honest, I think it's downgrade. I can't even really see a Jaguar in this logo.

It would be hard to design a logo that is as good or better than their current logo, It's easily one of the best in the NFL.

Also, how do you know that the Jaguars will never move to the Los Angeles area, It is a legitimate possibility. If the NFL was looking to relocate a team to LA the jags would be one of the first teams on the list to do so.

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This is not a real scenario here people...chill

Thanks for the useful feedback that some of you provided. I Brightened the teal a bit, thinned out the lower jaw, changed the ear and eyes and cleaned up the overall shape, as well as a few minor shape tweaks. Do the bottom teeth look too big?

Update 1:



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Very nice update.

The changes to the ear and around the eye really stick out, and make it look so much better.

He definitely looks like he his roaring, and not crying.

It has a much more streamlined look now.

I think that the original teal looked better though.

And, the teeth don't look too big IMO, they look just fine to me.

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That's a solid update. I really like the extra detail you added around the teeth and eyes. The ear looks much better as well. The jaguar's top right tooth seemed off in the first one but it looks better now. I really like how ferocious it looks!

But I'm personally not feeling how the neck just ends at a point. I'm not sure how you could fix it but I will say that a full size, leaping jaguar would look sharp with this design as a secondary logo. Think Florida Panthers.

I'm a Jags fan and also am a big fan of their current logo, but I wouldn't mind seeing them go in a similar direction if they were ever to make a change. I'd love to see a revamped wordmark from you and a set of uniforms if you're up to it. Their current uniform set and wordmark was poorly executed in my opinion and has left room for improvement.

Nice job!

EDIT: I wanted to add that your first logo almost seems to have a "J" in the negative space to the right, which is always a plus to have hidden in a logo. You might try to do something similar to it to make the neck more interesting and you could apply it straight to a wordmark.

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Hate to tell you but the Jags aren't the ones moving to LA, and to be honest, I think it's downgrade. I can't even really see a Jaguar in this logo.

Really? You can't tell thats a jaguar?

I love it, I think its a great logo, and I can tell thats a jaguar just like most people here.

The update looks really good, there's still something a little off with the back of his head, but I'm not sure how you can fix that either, you should definitely give a full body logo a shot.

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i think your original is better than the update. the updated one just has a weird shape now

the bottom jaw is way too fat. but maybe the bottom teeth has a lot to do with that. they shouldnt be so large.

i think your whiskers are going the wrong direction. maybe not in real life, but it may just have a better flow if you arch them in sort of a "U" shape, follow the motion of the upper lip

the inner ear maybe should be black too. theres just too much white in the whole thing

the spot pattern looks more like a cheetah. make those spots thicker/larger. thats the single most important attribute for this cat, make sure you get it right.

wonderful start so far

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