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I've been working with Brooks Piggot (Programmer/Creator of Pro Football Simulator) for a long while now (I produced all the helmets in the game currently and I'm working on over 150 more to add to it) and now I'm beginning to work on a new logo for him.

Here is one concept I have done so far. Very simple, but he loved it (and that's all that matters to him lol):

Image Removed.


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I can see about outlining the football...

Pro Football Simulator is only the best simulation football program out there! He is constantly updating it (for free!) with new features monthly. Its great, you should check out the league I run using the program http://cfa-football.com/

If you like the program, feel free to purchase it using the link provided on my website.

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Although the text is centered in the shield and the helmet is centered in the shield, the helmet looks way out of balance under the text. And maybe if you're using a blue and orange helmet you could have a blue (instead of black) shield and shadows.

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