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Back to the drawing board. I'm sorry but that Buffalo template should be buried.

why? i think nashville wouldn't look too bad in that template.

that template is all the rage in junior, ACHA, and various other youth hockey leagues right now, and I have yet to see it in a color scheme that works. The only time it's even come close, is with a baby blue/blue/white set, and I think that's partially because they used the same color for the armpit and the end of the sleeve (instead of different ones like buffalo did). Seriously, after the Edge jerseys, it's the worst thing to happen to hockey jerseys in at least 50 years (I honestly can't think of anything worse, other than the Edge jerseys. Even the Islanders' fishsticks jerseys were universally hated and didn't stick around anywhere.)

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much, much better. As dumb as it sounds, I can take the logo much more seriously now.

The red is really dark, and I don't want to say it blends in with the blue, because that's kinda silly, but it's really dark. I'd suggest making it a little lighter, just a little.

I'd also suggest making the white outline on the logo a little thicker, and/or think about what making the J white on the blue jerseys would look like, just like the original Jets did.

Much, MUCH better than your original post. Nice work.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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