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Nashville Predators logo idea


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Instead of just the guitar pick, how about a full guitar?


This is just a random idea that I'm looking for some feedback on. Is it a good idea? What would you recommend to me to make the logo better?

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It's way too literal. The guitar pick isn't necessarily a pick if you don't know that it is. It's not obvious, but kinda cool once you get it. This just creates some kind of dual-imagery or dual-identity problem - are they predatory cats, or musicians? Or Instruments? Also, It's far too detailed to ever work as a real logo - imagine how those strings would look sewn into a shoulder patch. Also, can't really tm a guitar. Yes, it as the logo on it, but that's really small so it's essentially just a guitar that anyone could print up and wear. The pick is kinda useless without the tm'd logo.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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