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Rumour: St. John's AHL team to be named after CCSLC member

Evil Doctor

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Yep, it looks like Ice_Cap is going to have a team named after him...

St. John's Ice Caps, anyone?

CBC News has learned there are strong signs that the province's new American Hockey League franchise will be called the St. John's Ice Caps.

St. John's Ice Caps Inc. was registered earlier this month with Newfoundland and Labrador's registry of deeds and companies. The only director named is former premier Danny Williams, who has been leading the drive to bring professional hockey back to St. John's.

Congratulations Ice_Cap...you've earned it... :notworthy:

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The St. John's Nicks!

(*slapshot - 93 mph. Seriously.)


'St. John's Slapshot' works wonderfully well for a hockey team. The logos could work for that, and the name really flows. No offense to Ice_Cap, but I like that better than the new rumored name.

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