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Pioneer Gas new logo


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If this logo was a 3-D object, it would make no sense either. The old logo does not indicate "direction" like the new Pioneer arrow does. The traditional colors of red, white, and blue; the brand name, Pioneer; and the arrow are all old themes. Of course the new logo looks odd, the white arrow thing is pointing either a) backwards or B) at a spot on a solid red ball. The only modern aspect of the new identity is the text.

I have never heard of Pioneer gas, so it is difficult to tell whether I like the new version or not. But, if a company has to change their logo they might as well be seen as a start-up. My point is, if a start-up had this logo, they might be taken as a "weird offshoot TurboTax product from the early 2000s." Haha.

The old logo helped you remember the name "Pioneer," but this logo is too abstract, and the script is too reminiscent of other brands. The best thing the old logo had going for it was the name in the middle. Instead of the marketing team viewing their old logo as merely "old" and not a still-surviving artifact, they would have seen the strengths and the weaknesses. Instead, they confused the red ball and white thing and moved the name of the company away from the most distinguishing part of the logo. Why not rename the whole company the name isn't interesting enough on its own? Why even keep the red ball/white thing brand?

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