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Winnipeg Jets


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The 9th Squadron secondary looks a bit clip-artish (not saying you stole it, just saying that the design isn't very fitting of a professional franchise. The "kills" thing might be overkill though.

And yeah, what they said.

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Do we need a new thread every time you make an update?


Easier for me to just add on to an existing one.

I thought it would be easier for those interested, to keep the threads short, but I guess not.

No problem.

I DO post every update that's made due to a suggestion, however.

If someone's gonna take the time to offer advise, and I act on that advise; I'm gonna show them the results.

It's kind of a respect thing.

Ya know?

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Didn't notice this last night (it was late), but is the blue in the secondary logo supposed to be different from the main blue?

Side note: I really, really hope the identity they settle on is this cool. I absolutely love the primary, especially now that it is also a nod to the RAF roundel (with the colors reversed, but still). I love how you got "Winnipeg" in there without making it big and fugly, Vancouver or Tampa Bay style. The secondary is unique and still fitting with the theme (though the multiple blues that only appear in the secondary kind of bug me). However, while I love the idea of the "kill count," I think it clutters the jersey a bit. When they begin putting C's on the jersey, it's going to get really crowded.

But overall, I think it's a great nod to the past while creating a modern, clean, and unique identity that I would love to see made into reality.

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As a late-comer to this topic, I don't see how the 9th Squadron logo fits in with the rest of the concept ... and before you hammer for me for not trolling back through older threads and posts, think that I am looking at the uniform set as most average fans will. They're not going to know the back story of every single element either, and it therefore makes the brand less clear!

To me, the secondary should be somehow related to the primary ... or at least be simple and clear. You have a "W", the words "9th Squadron", and a bear ... with wings ... and a hockey stick. Five components in a secondary seems like WAY too many!

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Crash...Thanks for the enthusiasm.

You and freshdoug are right- the blues were off.

That was sloppy on my part.

I fixed it, threw the 'kill-score' down on the pants, and got Buf to try it out.


Gregmond...maybe it doesn't work. I was kind of going outside the box on this one.

And puck nut...nice logo.

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I think the 9th Squadron logo works just fine. It takes a little thinking, I guess, but it makes perfect sense within the "jets" theme. Also, it's a secondary logo, which is allowed to be a little outside the box. Just for comparison, teams have or had: a guitar pick, a yeti foot, a hat, a sun, four stripes, a paw print, a lizard, and an eagle that vaguely looks like a W. Now, all those are vaguely related in some way to their teams, but don't fit within the box of the main logo.

And now that I see it "in action," I think this design looks fully professional and fitting for a top-tier professional franchise.

Puck Nut> The only similarities are that they're for the same team and that the contrail forms the "J". They don't look alike at all, nor do they really use the same idea. Saying Sparky's is a knock off of yours is like saying a Porsche is a knock off of a Fiero because they both use gasoline and have wheels.

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Seeing that the basis of both designs is that of the contrail forming the "J" with "ets" following, how can you say that "nor do they really use the same idea"...?

I'd say the comparison is more like Porsche/Audi (at least they are both German).

Once again, just saying...

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No offense, it's a great logo, but it's not exactly really complicated. A "jets" logo that has a plane and contrail making a "J" might be at least a jumping-off point for a lot of designers.

I'm calling coincidence.

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Puck nut,

There are some similarities, and I do vaguely remember seeing your logo before.

I entered a 'Falcon' logo in that contest and I had quickly scrolled through the entries, checking out the other falcons.

When I decided to do a "scripty" Jets logo, I was actually trying to reference this logo from the '70's...


I thought I'd just join the J and t, and add the jet; so, honestly, any similarity to your design,

is more coincidence than anything.

But talk about deja vu all over again...

I joined this board a few years ago when a friend of mine tipped me off that a hockey team in Scotland had

"copied" a sweater design that I created for a kids' book called "Hockey Night in Scotland".

I tracked the designer back to this site (it WAS a total co-inkidink), and I've been an active member ever since.

But, with the hundreds of Jets concepts out there, I can almost guarantee that no matter what design they choose,

someone will be claiming that they were copied.

I know that if they go with a "winged-polar-bear-with-a-hockey-stick-flying-through-a-W"...

I'll be raising a spockian eyebrow.

Good luck puck nut.

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That helmet is beautiful. Really.

Have you tried a red sweater over blue pants? Maybe you could use the same striping you did with the blue alt, but just flop the colors and drop the blue alt.

I'll give that a shot, Chicago.


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Just to be clear, I'm not pissed over this or anything.

I only just started checking out these forums (again) and came across your design, which is great by the way.

It just rang a few bells of "hey that is like my design" (well in my eyes anyway).

That said I totally agree with you re: the whole coincidence thing, I'm sure there are plenty more Jet's designs out there like this too.

I love your 9th Squadron secondary logo and the only thing that doesn't do it for me with your primary logo is the red circle in the background,

it just seems a tad too thick and reminds me of a doughnut. Tim Horton's anyone?...mmmmmm

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