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Basement Bar Logo C&C

Sport Billy

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I am finishing my basement and part of it will be a bar.

I wanted a logo just for fun to put on a sing, etc.

I may even have it put on a few pint glasses.

Please let me know what you think and make suggestions for improvement.

I only have access to Paint Shop Pro and do not have access to Photoshop nor Illustrator.



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None of them. The text has to go somewhere else. Maybe enclose the design in a circle and put the bar name going around it.


The text gets lost in the design the way you have it now, But if you want to keep the it where it is, an old or metallic gold would probably be a good route to go.

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I'd go with the top one of your most recent two, but:

a - lose the outline on Madigan's Pub. IMO it gets lost in the shuffle

b - lose the translation of your Irish at the bottom. It only clutters the logo.

c - in conjunction with b, lower your Irish "signature". By not having the translation, it gives you a talking point in the logo for those you're serving at the bar. It also would make it more legible.

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