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Rutgers football


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As I mentioned in my last post, I decided to change up part of my football template. A specific part of said template, that I'm willing to admit was outdated. Yes, I finally changed the sleeves. Happy now? <_<


rather plain, but I liked the knight logos better than that bland R they inexplicably fell in love with. Where white would ordinarily be used, it's instead a very light silver.


The helmet is something I've been wanting to put on a concept for years but never got around to until now. While the plume might've made more sense as a helmet stripe, this is a more distinct look. The jersey is partially inspired by the full knight, and part of me also wanted to have an Ajax-style football jersey around :hockeysmiley:

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Not a fan of the graphics on the sleeves simply because almost no one wears sleeves that long anymore. But I absolutely LOVE the white helmet. I'm not sure if I wouldn't replace the "R" logo on the side with numerals maybe. Or possibly just leave it blank.

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I know I'm the minority here, but I actually love the helmet they use now. It just feels more collegiate to me than their previous helmet and uniforms.

However, the Scarlet Knight logos seen here, are some of my favorite NCAA D1 logos.


I don't like the lack of white in this concept. even though the logos you used for the helmet and sleeves don't have any white in them, I think that the numbers and Away jersey would look better white.

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