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IFAF Football World Cup


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First at all i want to say something, maybe for the people of the US, football is something normal, outside the US, is very hard to get the equipment, support of the press or companies for sponsorship.

I play in a team in Costa Rica, we use "second hand" (almost third hand) helmets, and we pay for all the equipment and uniforms.

Its very hard to play football outside the US, because is a sport for "animals". I just want to say that, maybe you can apreciate the football as the fans outside the US.

After the little "editorial", today the football world cup begin in Austria, further information here

About the uniforms:

United States vs Australia:




Mexico and Germany




Thank You

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That Mexican helmet is just freaking awesome. I feel like maybe the jersey side panel is a bit of overkill, but the rest of that uniform is distinctive and gorgeous. The USA's uniform looks like a stock design for a peewee league.

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Mexico's uniforms are defineteky the cream of the crop out of that bunch. Very unique and creative, but not too wacky or over the top. A really good looking uniform, and yes that helmet definetely brings back memories of the Barcelona Dragons!

USA's is kinda dissapointing. There is so much more that could have been done with it...it's not so much that it's plain, but you compare it to a uniform like Mexico's and it looks really uninspired.

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Interesting tournament, but ultimately meaningless since none of the best players in the world are in it.

Uniform wise I like the Aussie's uniform. Good color combo, and very simple in design. Very fitting for a football uni.

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+1 on the whole Mexico = Barcelona Dragons thing. Thing is, instead of a cheesy knock-off of Barcelona's look, Mexico actually improved on it.

Germany's look is pretty badass... I like the emphasis on black.

Looking forward to seeing the rest!

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Japan 26 - Austria 6




France - Canada (playing right now)




@bosrs1: The idea of the tournament is spread the american football in the world, maybe for the americans can be weird, but outside the US, EVERYTHING is soccer.

@North Dakota: US = Rawlings, Australia = Under Armour, Japan = Under Armour, Canada = Looks like Reebok.

I would try to find a link for the live stream.

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Australia's team is made up of players from Australia playing Grid Iron in Australia thier is no College, or Uni players from America or Canada in the team.

Also is Canada playing US or Canehdien Rules? :grin:

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