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Lonely Alts: Royals Generations


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Been a while since I did any Generations fourshots, and I figured as much as I wanted to put out the Dodgers or Phillies, it was time to do an AL team. If I were going on just Royals history, there's no way I would've even tried. Fortunately, there's more to KC baseball history than the Royals, and I considered a KC Blues tribute before deciding against it. For those who didn't see any of the previous Generations posts, it's one team (or one city, if/when I do the Natinals) and four alts, most of which will be partially or fully based on past uniforms. Anyways, let's begin.

Kansas City A's tribute I (1993 season)


Yes, I based these on a one-season uniform. And am essentially about halfway to pulling a BYU "really dark royal" blue on you.

Kansas City Monarchs tribute (1997 season)


My main explanation for the miscolored Jackie patch: the Marlins' version here was better quality than the leaguewide version. The Monarchs had a good number of uniforms, and most of em are lost to history. Of course I figure most of you can easily picture the uni this is based on.

KC A's tribute II (2011 season)


Heh, I liked that gold vest Florida State had a while back. If I was playing this one completely straight, I wouldn't have snuck the crowned KC in, and used a blue KC instead of the shield. Anyways, at least it aint more light blue.

American Royal tribute (2011 season)


The only uniform of the four I used powder blue on, and tbh, it's been a little while since I went and created anything beyond script. The crowned bull is a reference to the American Royal, which is a livestock show, horse show and rodeo that's been held in Kansas City since 1899 (currently in Kemper Arena), and you could also take it as a reference to being known for great barbecue. Yes, I'm aware the thing looks similar to the Bulls logo, but it was either this or a horsehead. Which everybody would've said looked way too much like the Flames' horsehead.

Previous Generations sets: Cubs - Giants - Brewers

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heh, this temp's what I'm comfortable with, and I've seen worse. Aint much reason aside from my own whim to make any notable changes, so I'll stick with it. Only thing I really see myself doing templatewise in the near future is possibly working on some action temps I forgot about a while back.

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Gotta love the recent trend of ragging on Discrim's templates. Are they the most detailed or proportionate? No. Do they fit his concepts and have they become as much a part of his concepts as the design themselves? Most definitely. Personally I wouldn't want to see his concepts any other way.

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Awesome work as usual. I love the Monarchs-based design, I would like to see them use that as an alternate for real. I'm also a fan of the gold uniform. Keep up the unique work!

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