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Dexter Morgan

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Here is the Draft order (Here is screenshot from Random.org)

  1. Salisbury Steaks (AnythingChicago)
  2. Montreal Royals (scottysprings)
  3. Cleveland Indians (north dakota)
  4. New York Highlanders(Dexter Morgan)
  5. Milwaukee Baseball LLC (KDubK414)
  6. Atlanta Black Crackers (brushimania)
  7. Albuquerque Dukes (oddbal)
  8. Newark Eagles (pmoehrin)
  9. Pittsburgh Crawfords (infrared41)
  10. Detroit Stars (YessSir32)
  11. Tampa Bay Devil Rays (Lights Out)
  12. New York Mets (NJTank)
  13. Chicago Cubs (Billy B )
  14. Modesto Nuts (nash61)
  15. Los Angeles Dodgers (knnhrvy16)
  16. Los Angeles Dodgers (knnhrvy16)
  17. Modesto Nuts (nash61)
  18. Chicago Cubs (Billy B )
  19. New York Mets (NJTank)
  20. Tampa Bay Devil Rays (Lights Out)
  21. Detroit Stars (YessSir32)
  22. Pittsburgh Crawfords (infrared41)
  23. Newark Eagles (pmoehrin)
  24. Albuquerque Dukes (oddbal)
  25. Atlanta Black Crackers (brushimania)
  26. Milwaukee Baseball LLC (KDubK414)
  27. New York Highlanders(Dexter Morgan)
  28. Cleveland Indians (north dakota)
  29. Montreal Royals (scottysprings)
  30. Salisbury Steaks (AnythingChicago)
  31. Salisbury Steaks (AnythingChicago)
  32. Montreal Royals (scottysprings)
  33. Cleveland Indians (north dakota)
  34. New York Highlanders(Dexter Morgan)
  35. Milwaukee Baseball LLC (KDubK414)
  36. Atlanta Black Crackers (brushimania)
  37. Albuquerque Dukes (oddbal)
  38. Newark Eagles (pmoehrin)
  39. Pittsburgh Crawfords (infrared41)
  40. Detroit Stars (YessSir32)
  41. Tampa Bay Devil Rays (Lights Out)
  42. New York Mets (NJTank)
  43. Chicago Cubs (Billy B )
  44. Modesto Nuts (nash61)
  45. Los Angeles Dodgers (knnhrvy16)

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Sweet, I got the first pick. Thanks, Random.org! :P

With that pick, the Salisbury Steaks choose: Willie Mays.

He told me to say hey to you all, and he'll be looking forward to eating steaks here in Salisbury for a long, long time to come.

I picked Willie because I really wanted someone who could do it all. And Mays is probably the best 5-tool player of all time, so no one better than him to start a ballclub with.

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With the 11th overall pick, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays have selected pitcher Roger Clemens.


292 career WSAB, 435 WS - easily the best of the modern era.

Regularly put up sub-3.00 ERA seasons even in his older years.

Career 3.12 ERA.

Career 1.173 WHIP.

Career 3.09 FIP.

11-time All-Star.

7-time Cy Young winner.

1986 AL MVP.

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