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Brisbane Bombers NRL Expansion Bid


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Its a ploy to grab headlines. Its grabbed the attention of league and AFL fans alike by adopting the name of an established AFL team as well as destabilising the Ipswich Jets bid (also near Brisbane). Plus its doubtful that Essendon could hold exclusive rights for the "Bombers" name over all sports in Australia. I also wouldn't be surprised if the Brisbane bid changed the name later on or even merged bids with Ipswich.

That logo is way too detailed, naming rights be damned. The colors are really nice, though. I have online friends in Brisbane, but I don't know enough about the city to come up with a name for them.

If you take the wings and big wordmark, there is potential for a classy logo. I'm assuming that the pilot is based on Charles Kingsford Smith although I don't think he was ever a bomber pilot, Brisbane Pilots/Fighters? Blue and orange would be a unique colour combo in the NRL but Qld already has two blue teams, the colour of their hated interstate rivals NSW. There were several other names floated, of them I really liked Brisbane Gryphons (the gryphon is on the city coat of arms) and could have made for a classy identity.

So Brisbane will have 2 NRL teams? What do the Broncos have to say about this possible new team?

The Broncos have had a monopoly over Brisbane since their inception. The NRL is essentially an extension of the old Sydney competition (NSWRL) minus some Sydney clubs plus 3 Qld Teams/Canberra/Melbourne/New Zealand and Newcastle. Before the Broncos, Brisbane had the BRL, a competition equivalent to the NSWRL which has now fallen and a second tier competition has taken its place. A lot of the old BRL fans resent the Broncos for this reason. There are 9 teams in the Sydney region (4.6 million people) in comparison to Brisbane's one (2.0 million). With new TV rights coming into negotiations, the NRL wants a greater spread nationally, like the AFL has done in order to capitalise on major city TV markets. Although a second Brisbane team is not a new team in a new city it does do a few things. It would ensure there is one game played in Brisbane per week as well as maintaining Rugby League's dominance over the AFL in SE QLD which now has two teams (Brisbane and Gold Coast). A lot of Brisbane-ites who hate the Broncos and their only other option for a local team is the Gold Coast Titans, 1-2 hours away.

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