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Number decals on bat knobs?

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A lot of these look very creative. But to me, I don't envision a bats as something that's supposed to look all nice and stuff. With the pine tar and the different shades, plus the fact that the bat can crack, I have always seen the bat as a tool for work.

I guess if a bat didn't break so often, I wouldn't think that way. Don't wanna pretty up something that could be broken so easily.

But the designs are pretty sweet though.

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I love it! Great idea, sure it's more spendy than just a sharpie, but most of those look very sharp, I think it is worth it. I would love to see them tackle hockey sticks next. It wouldn't be quite as cool, but a number on the skinny part of the shaft or something

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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