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National Lacrosse League logo page updates


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The NLL page on CCSLC is badly out of date, so it's about time it got an extreme makeover.

There aren't that many new logos (and I'll post them later as soon as I find them on my hard drive and elsewhere), but several franchises have come and gone since the page was last updated. Here's a rundown of all the housekeeping items:

  • Move the Chicago Shamrox, New York Titans, Portland LumberJax and San Jose Stealth to the "Teams of the Past" section.
  • Add the Orlando Titans to the "Teams of the Past" section.
  • Add the Boston Blazers (new flaming-B logo) and Washington Stealth to the current-teams section.
  • The Calgary Roughnecks have at least one other logo, the roughneck's head by itself, that they use on their turf.
  • The Edmonton Rush have a secondary "ER" logo.
  • The Minnesota Swarm have swapped their primary and secondary logos. The winged lacrosse stick that used to be their secondary is now the only one they use on their jerseys. The S-shaped logo/wordmark (which used to be their primary) is still on their turf and on the main page of their Web site, but is apparently being phased out of all other uses in favor of the winged stick.
  • Also, on the Swarm jerseys the word "Minnesota" is now displayed in slightly arched text, in uppercase Liquorstore font, just above the winged stick. I haven't seen this accompanying any other use of the winged-stick logo, except for the jerseys.
  • The Rochester Knighthawks have updated their primary logo (though they haven't completely retired the old one yet).

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Edmonton Rush secondary logo:


Orlando Titans (RIP) primary logo/wordmark:


Washington Stealth primary logo/wordmark:


Washington Stealth secondary logo/wordmark:


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I wish that the NLL logos were up to date on Chris Creamers Sports Logos.

I'm pretty sure this is the Rochester K-Hawks logo youre talkin about (I've seen theese on TSN 2 and Verses)


P.S. I like how I'm wearing a Minnesota Swarm t-shirt when I read this

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Boston Blazers complete logo/wordmark...


...and the flaming "B" by itself (i.e. the jersey crest). It's a little squashed but it's the only graphic file of this particular logo that I could find.


2011 NLL All-Star Game logo:


2011 NLL Playoffs logo:


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