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We need a replacement for the Baseball All-Time Draft

Dexter Morgan

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I only want someone who is on the board a lot and has the time.

Players already on the roster:

Ty Cobb

Tris Speaker

Randy Johnson



1. 5 Hours Time Limit on selections. When time expires you are skipped over until you show up, but if this happens, you may be replaced, at my discretion.

2. The Clock runs from 9:00 AM ET thru 12.00 AM ET. It is suspended at midnight and restarts again at 9:00 AM.

3. The Clock is suspended on Saturday's and Sunday's.

4. YOU CAN make selections while the clock is suspended, in fact, it is encouraged, the clock is simply not running against your time limit, but YOU CAN submit selections while the clock is suspended, and that is encouraged.

5. You may {AND MUST} personal message your picks to another poster if you sense that you will be unavailable to submit your own pick when you Go ON THE CLOCK, and it is YOUR OBLIGATION to choose someone you can rely on. If you give someone your picks and he does not make them, there will be NO DO-OVERS and NO GOING BACK. It is ultimately YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to have your picks submitted on time, and NO-ONE ELSE'S. If you do not make it in time, we will find someone to make the pick for you and you will have to keep that pick if you like it or not.

6. YOU MUST check the "DISCUSSION THREAD" for the Players Taken list to see if your choice is already taken BEFORE you submit your selection. If you choose a player who is already taken, AND THEN LEAVE, it will be treated as if TIME EXPIRED {after 30 minutes} and we will proceed without you.

7. If you do PM your picks to another GM, please leave us a post in the "DISCUSSION THREAD" to let us know WHO has your picks so we know who to PM when you Go ON THE CLOCK


If you can't meet these obligations please don't bother wasting our time.

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Alright scotty, the team is yours. Please go to the "Rosters Thread" and set up your roster. You are taking of Gary's team, the Detroit Tigers. Fortunately for you, he picked a pretty good team. You can rename the team whatever you want.

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