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New Sport: Court Ball


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I decided to make a new sport;Court Ball. I thought it would an interesting idea to make a new sport and see what you guys think of it.

This is the Court that the game is played on.

These are some of the rules I have made so far.

New Sport: Court Ball

Basic Rules

Team with most points at the end of regulation time wins.

The game begins with a toss by the referee at center court where the players try to catch the ball and give it to his/ her teammates

You are allowed to run with the ball as far as you want but you have to pass it to another teammate at least once to score.

There is a 60 second shot clock.

The 1 pt box is the rectangular area where if you score a goal its worth 1 pt. anywhere outside of the box where the ball is shot for a goal, it is worth 2 pts.

There are four 10 minute periods. If the game is tied at the end of regulation, there will be a 5 minute overtime period. If it is still tied, then the same rule applies for the first overtime.

The official game ball is a kick ball/ PE ball.

You can score a goal by bouncing, throwing, or tossing the ball into the net.

You can only throw overhand, sidearm, or underhand.

Game Requirements

Each team has 6 players on the court at a time.

The teams consist of a goalie, defender, and forward. The goalie is to keep the ball from going into the net. The forward are the main point scorers. The defenders are the first line of defense when the ball is intercepted. The defenders may score a goal, but only if they shoot after the ball is passed by a forward to a defender.

An official playing surface/ court is a gym basketball court which is 74`x42`.

The net is 4 ft. high by 6 ft. wide

The 1 pt. box is 15 ft. long by 34 ft. wide.

The penalty shot line is 10 ft. from the net


A minor penalty is a push of another player, a hit on anywhere except the head or the groin of another player.

A major penalty is a slap to the face of another player, a trip of another player, a kick at another player, and elbowing another player.

Ejections can result due to fighting, racial slurs, or pushing or saying anything unnecessary to a referee.

After a minor penalty, one penalty shot is taken. For a penalty shot, you must start at the back of the 1 pt box, and run, walk, or jog to the penalty shot line and try to score while still in motion. It is not a score if you throw the ball when you are past the line or if you miss. For a major penalty, you get 2 penalty shots. The same rules apply as they did for a minor penalty shot.


Each player on a team must have the same color uniform as his/ her fellow teammates. The uniform does not have to match the other players, just be the same color.

Every player must have their jersey tucked in.

If there is an outdoor game and the weather is cold, players may wear sweat pants or a long sleeve shirt or both.

Official game uniforms are sleeveless basketball jerseys with matching shorts.

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What's with the whole "inventing new sports" fad on here? Do you people honestly think any of these sports will catch on? Hell, Kronum has zero chance of not being a niche sport, and people actually talk about that outside of the CCSLC.

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