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Discrim's massive update


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bringing back a few concepts you might not have seen in a while...

Providence hockey

Army hockey

Coastal Carolina football

and some new stuff...

Minnesota North Stars

Milwaukee Bucks

Green Bay Packers

Denver Nuggets concept 1

Denver Nuggets concept 2

upcoming: Hofstra, Navy, Indiana Pacers

as always, take your best shot

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i meant to reply last night but my comp froze on me(again) while i was doing so, anyway i got a few fonts from sharkshock.com...they got fonts similar to the Raiders, Steelers, Bucs, East Carolina, Cowboys, Dolphins, and Colts wordmarks, and also ESPN, Blockbuster, and a lot more, like from Batman Forever and other crap.  I didn't dl all of them, but i'm satisfied with what i got.

as for the providence font, i can't remember the name of it but i'll get back to you when i find what it's called.

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