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Cranthem Flags


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I'm writing a fantasy novel called Goddess of the Golden Ocean that set is a place called Cranthem and below is a quick map of the layout of part of Cranthem. The mainland area is called Sheyenna. Sheyenna is divided up into 3 Provinces:

-Sepaia (seh-pye-uh)

The northwest peninsula and it's largest town is Prevana'Dei

-Carenetha (Cah-ren-ah-thuh)

Borders Sepaia on the Northwest. It stretches from north to south and is the largest Province in Sheyenna. It's main city is Elosia (ehl-oh-zia) situated on the western inlet peninsula.

-Caradee (Care-uh-dee)

The newest of the three Provinces and will show up in the later books, but I created a flag anyway. Caradee is the eastern province in Sheyenna. It's main city/town is Caradee Commons that sits inland in the southern section.

Map of Cranthem:


Hope to fill in the rest of the towns/villages, mountains, lakes, rivers, forests and flatlands soon. In the meantime here's the names and borders for Sheyenna. The story has a medieval theme to it, but I refuse to say that it takes place in medieval times because it's the world of Cranthem. :)

Here are the flags I have so far:

Counrtry: Sheyenna


Sheyenna's flag has a field of two blue bars on top and bottom. Two white stripes and a gold central stripe. The Blue diamond crest has three white stars for the three provinces.



Sepaia's flag consists of a sky blue field with a white diagonal band and a navy blue canton. Inside the canton is a gold star and inside the star is the crest diamond of Sheyenna.



Carenetha's flag has a royal purple field with a gold cross divider. In each divided section is four white diamonds with a blue square.



Caradee is a simple design. A gold field, with the Sheyenna diamond crest in the center.

Dawn's Flag:


The antagonist of the story, Dawn, she's around late teens early twenties with blonde hair, and glowing green eyes. She is always surrounded by her two Delvo (large black panthers that could be the size of small lions).

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Most of these look great, except for Dawn's flag. All those dark colors would make it hard to see.

Thanks. Yeah I wonder if the darker color is b/c I forgot to add the shine. Here's an update compared to the first one:

Dawn's Flag 1: (from above)


Dawn's Flag 2: (updated) added a shine effect. Does it look too bright or better? The D might look a little bright, but not sure.


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