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Cars - Why the letter S for high performance?


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It surprises me that not only do different manufacturers use the letter 'S' for high-performance versions, they're similar in appearance, usually red and/or silver.



Mini Cooper


Aston Martin




You get the idea. Is there a reason they all use 'S'?

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S is for sport for the Acura.

S is for Super or Special for the Mini. John Cooper didn't know which one to pick so he went for S instead.

Well, "Type Sport" sounds weird so I guess S is best. We have an '03 badged just like that pic, and it is a nice vehicle. Moves along nicely. :D

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And of course, we all know about the most famous "S" badge out there...Chevrolet's "SS", for "Super Sport".

(Even though "SS" has become more an appearance thing than actual performance now...)

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ill echo Buc, the first "performance cars" were the muscle cars of the 60s-70s. a lot of the chevys being SS or RS (rally sport). Ford had their GTs and Machs and Mopars with R/Ts. im not sure why the S has carried over to other brands weather it be for sport, speed, special, whatever. i guess we've come to know an "S" as a high performance car and you can tag any number of words onto it.

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