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Hey folks. I am not a professional designer by any means, however, I had a concept that I am working on because I love baseball. I would love to field a fantasy team in a league next season (I was too busy studying for the CPA exam this season to manage a team). I see that there are fantasy leagues with logos/uni mock-ups in the boards, and I would like to get on board. I had a couple questions.

The image below is my concept so far. I was wondering where to get the best photoshop templates for jerseys. Also, how does one join a league on this board for next season? Constructive criticism and comments are always welcome. Thanks guys.


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Just C&C, so take it with a grain of salt. No one here (or anywhere) is the end-all, be-all authority on design (or anything else, really).

Well, realistically, the cap logo is probably far too wide and far too detailed for an actual cap. Generally, cap logos are a little taller than they are wide, though there are exceptions, such as the Orioles alternate logo. However, generally, baseball cap logos are square at worst. Keep in mind that that logo will likely be roughly 2 inches by 2 inches. Excellent work on the wings, though. Wings are tough.

I like the Home Uni word mark. It has a bit of flair but is still clearly legible, even (probably) from a good distance, and I like the deep royal pinstripes. In fact, I like your whole color scheme.

I don't, however, like the "torqued" version of that logo placed across the plane's silhouette. If you feel that the wordmark should be a little curved to follow the curve of the wings, that might work. Also, the "movement lines" are very very faint. I'm not sure how to best represent the running propeller, but I know the very faint lines you have now aren't working. The ball in the prop is a very cool idea, but with the plane being all grey and white, the ball currently looks tacked on and out of place. I also don't like that the word mark covers the plane. You also may want to keep in mind that a straight on viewpoint like this will keep the plane feeling static, with little or not implied movement.

Changing the font on the away is a very baseball thing to do, but I still don't like it, especially when you've used the same font in the rest of the package, but change it (to a very boring font) on the away uni.

But nice job so far and good luck!

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The primary and secondary don't complement each other well. Both to me just feel like separate pieces of clip art. The intricacy of the secondary logos wings looks like too much compared to the overall simplistic nature of the primary.

The color palette feels a bit generic. I would play around with the tones some more.

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