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2011 NFL Season


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Now that training camps have begun, figured it'd be best to start off the in-season thread.

To keep this on topic, it looks like Crabtree will miss another training camp.

Hopefully he will be gone from this team after this season. As a Niner fan I never liked the pick. I think he was overrated from the get go. But having lousy quarterbacks throw to you doesn't help either.

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Not sure what I'm supposed to think about Mark and Mo-Mo letting Barrett Ruud walk...

...He's with the Titans now. *shrugs shoulders* Eh well...

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Jut watching this sequence gets me all fired up for this upcoming season!

Sanchez to Edwards, Sanchez to Holmes. Half of that sequence is gone. :cry:

...and who left that game with just under 2 minutes to play? This guy.

Had no idea until we heard fans screaming while we were near the IZOD Center. Had to use binoculars to look 1/2 a mile away to see the big screen outside the stadium to know exactly what just happened. Oops.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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