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Complete Rebrand: LHJMQ/QMJHL



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My home league, the QMJHL, isn't known for strong, classic logos. It has only 4 or 5 strong identities, and I think that that's too bad. Beginning with league marks, I plan to go through the entire QMJHL and start fresh. I plan a few team renamings, but mostly I'll either significantly update current marks or start completely from scratch.

My first piece is the league logo, which is easily the strongest of the 3 CHL leagues, but doesn't account for the burgeoning English presence in the league. In my rebrand, Quebecois teams will wear on their jerseys the LHJMQ version, while the Maritime or American teams will wear the QMJHL version. The mark itself has been changed to a more modern navy blue, and made significantly more sharp. I couldn't justify to myself scrapping the skate and format of the current logo, so the basis of it stays the same.


The next logos will be the draft and playoff logos. Then I'll tackle the teams in an order voted for in a poll I'll put up when the time comes.

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Alright, no comments there, so I'll assume that it's fine.

The league's primary logo remains the French one (the English one only appearing on jerseys), and that's represented in the draft logo. I chose to put together the English version to demonstrate the primary branding. Blue colours represent the colours of Quebec and the ocean for the Atlantic Provinces. The bottom of the shield would be reserved for sponsors.


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No Sherbrooke or Blainville-Boisbriand Armada?

Well Sherbrooke doesn't have a name or identity yet, and Blainville-Boibrand is brannd new for one thing.

Also, polls don't allow for more than 16 options.

considering Sherbrooke now has a name , the Sherbrooke Phoenix, you can do them now.

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