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Lights Out's NFL Redesign Series

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AFC West

San Diego Chargers


I've posted these before - they're based on the 1967 uniforms with a modern twist.

Denver Broncos


Based on their 1965-1966 set (which was brought back in throwback form in 1994) but with a brown and tan color scheme which recalls the early-AFL throwbacks without being too garish. I also went with the ballsy choice of using tan uniforms for the road - I figured they'd be light enough not to clash with any team, so why settle for white?

Oakland Raiders


I used the diamonds from their 50 Years logo as a sleeve pattern, brought back silver numbers on the road, and used a font that looks like the Raiders script. Eagle-eyed viewers might notice that "JUST WIN BABY" is sublimated into the helmet stripe - a cool element I took from Oregon's carbon helmets. And yes, as a loyal Chargers fan, I smirked while adding JaMarcus Russell's name and number to the concept.

Kansas City Chiefs


I took inspiration from Oklahoma State's new look for these uniforms, including matte helmets. I really just wanted to update their staid look. I had to pick a random defensive player with this number because all I had in this font was a 5 and a 3.


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I really like what you did with the chargers, although I think you should match the bolt on the jersey with the helmet and pants bolt.

The design for the Broncos looks good but I'm not sure how I like the colors, seems a little boring, maybe add orange into it.

The raiders may be my favorite one out of the bunch except I think you should just remove the diamonds from the sleeves.

The chiefs look pretty good as well, I think if you added white to the red uniform it would add some more pop but I know you were going for a more consistent look.

All in all these concepts are really good, can't wait to see more.

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I like all of theese except for Oakland. It just dosen't look good IMO. And I also agree with bigmike that you should add some white on the KC Chiefs jersey. But other than that I like them.

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Chargers: I would make the facemask Powder Blue, other than that, good job

Broncos: Good concept, just not the style that I like (Brown and Tan are a big no-no to me)

Raiders: Just awesome, baby

Chiefs: Replace the black with white.

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They all look good, there's just a few things I would change though...

I agree with Jahgee (never thought I would say that) about making the Chargers facemask blue as aposed to yellow.

I like what you did with the Broncos, but the road jersey should be white, right now it just has too much tan... I guess you could keep it as an altenate though.

The raiders unis look good I'm glad you didn't change thier unis too much, theyve got a simple yet classic look, that shouldn't be changed drastically.

My only complaint whith the chiefs is again what Jahgee said, ditch the black. it looks bad, especially on the road uni.

Also, what number font is that on the Chiefs concept?- I really like it.

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I absolutely love "Just win baby" on the Raiders helmets, and I like the pants logo as well. Adding those two elements to their current jerseys would be an upgrade imo. With a few tweaks to the Chargers I would love those. The other two however, I'd go back to square 1

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You used Jamarcus Russell for the Raiders? I scrolled back up to see when these were posted, figuring they were from several years ago and just got bumped.

As for the unis, Chargers and Raiders look good (the diamonds on the sleeves are distracting though). Broncos and Chiefs...yeah, no. Broncos colors and Chiefs' number font just aren't appealing.

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Being a bona fide Raider-hater, I had to use JaMarcus. :D

There was always the Robotic Quarterback aka Todd Marinovich

Also, you should have used The Nigerian Nightmare, Christian Okoye for the chiefs

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Love the Chargers and Chiefs. Like the striping pattern on the chiefs pants and the return to the old Chargers colors. HATE the choice of brown and tan for the Broncos. I know they had those colors back in the day for a couple seasons but the Broncos should be forever blue and orange. Definitely need to change the number font on the Raiders, doesn't go with anything about their look.

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the raiders and Oakland on the top is gay

It's settled - I'm making those twice as big when I update the Raiders.

That guy is seriously like a cat, he has nine lives on this board(How much more of those post is he allowed to make?)

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I LOVE what you did with the Chiefs. Very nicely modern with an old-school twist. Nicely done.

Chargers are ok. I'm not too fond of the number font.

Oakland, same thing. I'm not a fan of the thick numerals or the metallic look to it.

Denver is just OK. It definitely reminds me of Western Michigan.

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