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Uniforms that your team never should have worn


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-I will never like these. Just doesn't say Braves to me. My brother knows one of the guys who works with the MLB in designing the shirts, and he heard that the players admitted to loving these. Eh...hate them...wish the red bills would come back as well for road greys.



-Blandest helmet ever. Just way too bleh.



-I will not rest until the Hawks return to red-gold-black. Not to mention these uniforms have zero character. Hawks identity has been ruined.



-Do I even have to explain this one?


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Red Sox (The Red Sox have no business wearing blue socks)


Bruins (They should have gone with a yellow alternate jersey instead)


Celtics (They should use the St. Patricks day jersey instead)


Patriots (I don't like how the front numbers and TV numbers don't match)


Gators (No explanation needed)


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Packers: can't think of any in recent memory, tbh

Bears: I like the white jerseys. I like the white pants. Just not together.


Avs: it's a damn shame when your favorite team has three jerseys, and all of them are worse than what they replaced.


Bucks: as I always say, I had no problem with purple...it just shouldn't have ever been the main color


Cubs: it was a tossup between these, the 72 roads and the current roads.


Admirals: The Nordiques template looked good on the Nordiques. On the Admirals, not so much. Again, a tossup between these and the current blacks, but I figure the current set can be improved by dumping the skull for the body. This is flat out garbage.


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Bucks: as I always say, I had no problem with purple...it just shouldn't have ever been the main color


Saved me some trouble :D

I agree that these might have worked had they switched the green and purple. That's why despite all their flaws, these are my favorite unis from that era.




If only they'd have stuck with the Germanics for a few more years. Where to even start with these? The fact that they're clearly designed to evoke a "Miller" feel, the half-assed droptails, the "proprietary" font that's really just mangled times new roman, the dropshadows, the way the gold washes out next to the gray. How much longer are they gonna stall in bringing back the logo and colors that the fans actually want?



I honestly don't mind the "powerball" jerseys, but this look should never have been attempted. Especially when the "classic" Lambeau-era look is so distinctive and easily transferrable to a modern template (even moreso than the Lombardi-designed look, ironically). Of course, I'd like to see it executed much better than they did in 1994.

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For the love of Peter Griffin, how many threads do we need that involve posting a uniform that we either love or hate? I'm not trying to do the whole backseat mod thing, but this is really getting annoying.

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I've got a few:

Toronto Maple leafs:


Too Bland


just didn't look good in my opinion

The Blue Jays:


would have said the entire set but the road is nice and have they even worn the white jersey

On a side note i wish this one had hit the field, looks pretty sweet


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