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Vintage Football Wallpapers


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Looks awesome! I was just wondering, do you think you could remove the helmet and just have a logo in the middle? Because I would love a south sydney rabbitohs wallpaper like this, but it would just look silly with a football helmet in it. It would look good if you could trace just the rabbit part of the logo and put est. 1908 underneath it, with South Sydney on the top and Rabbitohs on the bottom. Just an idea. Here's the logo

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very cool man. i think the solid background color could use a bit more texture though

I agree 100%. Love the idea, but the background is a little plain. Maybe make it look more worn and vintage.

And I'm with The Fixer on the Bears one, so if you only want to do one per person I'll take a Bears one and you can do his other request.

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Awesome, I wasn't expecting to get any requests! Anyway, I've intensified the textures a bit more to make the overall look granier, and the edges fade to darker colors. I won't have time to get to the requests until after I'm out of work tonight, so I'll just leave you all with the '66 Dolphins for now.


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Nice update, it looks a lot better now. I think darkening the edges really helped.

And no hurry on the requests, although I am pretty anxious to replace my Cubs wallpaper rolleyes.gif

Oh, I'm with you on that one. ;)

These are great, Jimmy. I've been on a "vintage/urban" style groove now for a while now and actually made something similar to these pretty recently.

Don't really have a request, but I'd love to see a Cubs one!

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