capitalcanuck's NCAA top 25 Takeover

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I'm not really getting the super small stripes for Wisconsin and Nebraska. Their still to similar IMO. And I know this has been said about most Nebraska concepts with a "blackshirt" alternate, but it just can't work. The blackshirts are special honors given to defensive players only, so handing them out to the entire team would defeat the purpose.

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Really like the South Carolina set. I personally see USC as a "modern" school and I think they should have modern looking uniforms. These look really good and characterize South Carolina perfectly IMO. As dmhtfld said, the numbers on the Wounder Warrior are hard to read. I suggest adding a white outline, possibly? Other than that, another well done set.

He didn't do USC, he did South Carolina

University of



Most South Carolina fans refer to the school as USC, and I don't believe they like it when Southern California gets dibs on the acronym.

That Joke


Your Head

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