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Monterey Artichokes MiLB Concept


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So I was making some logos for the request for the Milwaukee Hops and I looked at my logo and thought, wow that looks more like an artichoke. So I looked up info on artichokes and it turns out that 80% of all artichokes farmed in the U.S. are from Monterey county in California. So I made this, the 3D thing just kinda happened so don't ask about that. I will be making uniforms in the next day or two,C&C apreciated.


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Well it just kind of happened because the whole Hops idea soured in my mind and I turned his sunglasses into 3D glasses. After that I just ran with it and made outlines that had the 3D effect. I did think this could be a good alternate, with as crazy as some minor league alts are. When I said not to ask I meant that you should just judge it on the design and not the 3D.

Thanks guys.


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I like the idea, it could definitely work for a minor league team. However, there are many issues with your logos/uniforms that are holding this back. The most obvious one is the font. No offense, but that font is just plain awful. Especially to use on a uniform because it's far too thin and nearly illegible. It also makes the cap logo look very sloppy/handdrawn Go with something bolder, but also maybe a fun, rounded font to fit in with the minor-league identity. Another thing that could help this would be thickening up the lines on the artichoke, more specifically his teeth. I think you could use maybe 4 to 5 bold strokes for the teeth rather than the very thin lines you have now. And try putting some type of diagonal white lines through his sunglasses so they don't look quite as much like black holes in his head (example). I would also do something different with that orange line around the shades; it doesn't really make too much sense. I'd say either get rid of it completely or continue it all the way around the artichoke. One last thing that could help the primary logo IMO--the circle. The straight text really clashes with the circle as most cirle logos feature text that follows the same path as the circle and curves around the logo. And the stars just seem like space-fillers with no real reason behind them. I'm not sure what else you could put there, but they just don't really seem necessary.

Sorry it feels like I'm rambling on, but this could really be a great minor league identity if you work at it.

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Matisse? Really, no better font than Matisse? That's gotta change man, it looks like a college smoothie bar, not a baseball team. So glad you got rid of the 3D, cuz that :censored: hurt my eyes. Switch that font up and it will look much better.

Also, not sure if you knew this, but Scottsdale Community College here in AZ is the Fighting Artichokes. Green and pink used to be their colors, but they swapped out pink for gold. So here's a 3D version of your logo (sans shades, sorry for the massive image):


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Haha wow I never knew there was really a team called the artichokes lol.

You guys are right about the font it :cursing: sucks.

I will mess with the lines for the teeth and see what I can come up with.

The primary logo is kind of off but I thought with the whole artichokes motif that the straight font on the round logo would be just crazy enough to work.

I have a fix for the black hole glasses that I made after I already posted this.

And last but not least, CAB if you look at the second logo the orange goes around the artichoke and the glasses, it just got messed up on the primary.

Thank you, guys so much I appreciate the rambling, it'll make my concept better.

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