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Toronto Toros & Arena concepts


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It's not everyone's first choice, but I think the most profitable choice for the NHL would be a 2nd team in Toronto. Due to a certain lack of ability to draw a new logo I revived the WHA's Toros. I changed up the jerseys a bit and went with red as the main colour. That is an effort to differentiate the team from the Leafs.


Merchandise is one of the first ways for a new team to start generating revenue, so I created standard Reebok shirts and hats (also an official game puck) for the new Toros.


I chose Toronto's Downsview Park as the location for the new arena, which I called the CIBC Centre.


This next image shows that lack of drawing ability as we get a look at the outside of the CIBC Centre.


Here is the seating chart for the just over 19,000 seat arena. A restaurant is on the north side of the bottom bowl. Completely open and IN amongst the regular seats. Layouts of the private boxes are also included.


Here are some inspirations for the layout. 7 rows of premium front row seats(Ricoh Coliseum). Upper bowl inspired by Phoenix's Jobing.com Arena. Stacked private boxes inspired by Ascot Racecourse. The domed roof and oval shape in the spirit of the old St. Louis Arena.


I also made tickets. Colour bands on the tickets indicate what level your seats are on.


Thanks for looking!

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IF AND ONLY IF there had to be a second NHL team in Toronto, I LOVE this idea! Everything from the revival of the Toros name to the logo, colors, jersey design, arena location and overall branding.

Fabulous job on this. If indeed this possibility exists, do me a favor. PLEASE send this in to the powers that be as a presentation for a new team and everything tied to it.

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Very well thought out, and well executed concept.

I know it's the colors of the original team, but, I'm sure a red-blue-white team in Toronto would irk some Montreal fans, and some Leafs fans as well. Just for poops and chuckles, try playing around with some different color schemes to try and distance them from any comparisons to TML and MTL.

Great work!

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Good Job but most likely won't happen because it is right on MLSE. door step & MLSE will never allow it to happen do to the fact that it will take non hockey business away from MLSE. such as concerts , trade shows ect. as well as hockey business away from MLSE. & Not to mention the huge cost of bringing a 2nd team to Toronto because when you add up all the costs it will total out to be about 1.2 billion dollars & seriuosly doubt there would be goverment funding involved . What I think is going to happen is that 2nd NHL. team Southern Ontario will most likely be put in Hamilton do to the fact that Hamilton already has an arena all set to go with exeptions of few upgrade that are needed that can be done on the fly plus the total cost an NHL. team in Hamilton would cost a max. of 550 million much cheaper than a Toronto 2 team .

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Hamilton falls into the same category as a 2nd Toronto team. They would have to pay both Toronto and Buffalo for encroaching on their markets.

I personally think there are enough people with money who would pay the price to get in on the Toronto hockey market with a 2nd team. I believe that Gary Bettman has also told Copps Coliseum that they would need "major" upgrades. I think, he currently does not believe that Copps is a major league rink.

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