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Invesco Field may be getting a new name soon


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I work for Sports Authority out in Boston, and while checking my email at one of my stores today, I found one from the Chief Marketing Officer with an announcement saying that they are pursuing the naming rights for the Bronco's stadium. Here's the full email:

We are excited to announce, and some of you may have heard, that we are working on a deal that will greatly expand our relationship with the Broncos, including the naming rights to the stadium. This pivotal piece has been built into our overall brand strategy for over a year, especially in Colorado that is fortifying our emotional connection with our customers and Broncos fans. Marketing has allocated its resources developing grassroots and other initiatives to enhance the Sports Authority name. This effort will take the Sports Authority name to the next level. After we conclude the agreements, we will be sharing with you more details.

They are also based in Colorado same as Dick's which has the naming rights to the Colorado Rapids field. Some corporate competition?

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