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TB8's NCAA Football Series


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Hey guys. As the topic title states...I'm starting a series of college football concepts. As some of you may know I just had a series going awhile ago but I accidentally deleted my album of concepts so that went down the drain. But while I was off, I made some upgrades to my presentation. I went with the side view of the pants for a number of reasons, but the main one was because my man bigmike hooked me up with his new under armour temp and the pants were from the side so I just made all of them side view. But anyhow, Let's get down to business. I decided to just do a conference at a time like a lot of people have been doing on these boards. So the ACC Atlantic will be up first.



Boston College: Home Away

Clemson: Home Away Alternate

Florida State: Home Away Alternate 1 Alternate 2

Maryland: Home Away Alternate 1 Alternate 2

NC State: Home Away

Wake Forest: Home Away


Duke: Home Away Alternate

G-Tech: Home Away Alternate

Miami: Home Away Alternate

North Carolina: Home Away Alternate

Virginia: Home Away Alternate

Virginia Tech: Home Away Alternate Alternate 2


Cincinnati: Home Away Alternate

Connecticut: Home Away

Louisville: Home Away Alternate

Pitt: Home Away

Rutgers: Home Away Alternate Alternate 2

South Florida: Home Away Alternate

Syracuse: Home Away Alternate

West Virginia: Home Away Alternate


Baylor: Home Away Alternate

Iowa State: Home Away Alternate

Kansas: Home Away Alternate

Kansas State: Home Away

Missouri: Home Away Alternate

Oklahoma: Home Away

Oklahoma State: Home Away Alternate Alternate2

Texas: Home Away

Texas A&M: Home Away

Texas Tech: Home Away Alternate


Illinois: Home Away Alternate

Indiana: Home Away

Iowa: Home Away

Michigan: Home Away

Michigan State: Home Away

Minnesota: Home Away Alternate

Nebraska: Home Away

Northwestern: Home Away Alternate

Ohio State: Home Away

Penn State: Home Away

Purdue: Home Away Alternate

Wisconsin: Home Away


ECU: Home Away Alternate

Houston: Home Away

Marshall: Home Away Alternate

Memphis: Home Away

Rice: Home Away

SMU: Home Away Alternate Fauxback

Southern Miss: Home Away Alternate

Tulane: Home Away Alternate

Tulsa: Home Away Alternate Alternate2

UAB: Home Away Alternate

UCF: Home Away Alternate

UTEP: Home Away Alternate

PAC 12

Arizona: Home Away Alternate

Arizona State: Home Away Alternate Alternate2

Cal: Home Away Alternate

Colorado: Home Away Alternate

Oregon: Home Away Alternate Alternate2 Alternate3 Alternate4 Alternate5 Alternate6 Alternate7 Fauxback

Oregon State: Home Away Alternate

Stanford: Home Away Alternate

UCLA: Home Away

USC: Home Away Alternate

Utah: Home Away Alternate

Washington: Home Away Alternate Alternate2

Washington State: Home Away Alternate


Alabama: Home Away

Arkansas: Home Away

Auburn: Home Away Alternate

Florida: Home Away Alternate

Georgia: Home Away Alternate Alternate2

Kentucky: Home Away

LSU: Home Clash Clash2 Alternate

Mississippi State: Home Away

Ole Miss: Home Away Alternate Alternate2

South Carolina: Home Away Alternate

Tennessee: Home Away Alternate Alternate2

Vanderbilt: Home Away Alternate

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FSU needs to have the feather pattern on the sleeve cuffs. As for the pants, the small feather just doesn't look right. Use the design from their Pro Combat pants.

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Boston College

For Boston College I went very simple. Classic gold helmet with the marroon stripe. Same with the pants. And the sleeve stripe on the jersey is just a simple triple stripe G/M/G on both jerseys. The BC font really makes this one, IMO.


Clemson Tigers

I did Clemson like this last time and will always do them like this. Orange helmet and white helmet. Triple stripe on the sleeves of the jersey. Triple stripe "pro combat" cut pants. I put CLEMSON above the numbers on the front of the jersey, and the paw on the side of the pants.



Florida State Seminoles

First off on FSU. I'm going to go ahead and say that this collar is ripped from bigmike's FSU concept. The jersey is fairly simple. I used the number font that FSU used in their pro cobat game. And the pants are the same as the pro combat game too. Actually this is basically the pro combat made into a full set with FSU above the number and with numbers on the shoulder.

FloridaState1.pngFloridaState2.png FloridaState3.pngFloridaState4.png

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Maryland Terps

*SHOUTOUT TO BIGMIKE FOR THIS TEMPLATE* Now for Maryland I looked at their old bball jerseys for inspiration. I think I knocked this one put of the park, but you guys can be the judge. I used the font from their basketball jerseys and the striping is almost the exact same. I didn't like how the yellow pants turned out so they weren't included. No black pants either.

Maryland1.pngMaryland2.png Maryland3.pngMaryland4.png

NC State Wolfpack

This one was simple for me. The logo is double outlined so I figured NW stripes was the way to go. Then I went double outline on the numbers. Also, I put NC STATE on the chest above the number.


Wake Forest Deamon Deacons

Look at Wake Forest's logo. It's very simple. So I made their set simple. Haha, the contrasting collar/cuffs were a stretch.


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Alright guys, school has started back up in my area so it's taken me awhile to get done with the rest of the ACC, but I finally got 'em done....so without further adieu, the ACC Coastal.

Duke Blue Devils

I did the same exact thing for Duke in my old series, take inspiration from their historic basketball team's uni. I like the devil head logo so I used it on the helmet instead of the Duke D. I threw in a new black alternate set in just for the heck of it....it looks pretty good, IMO.



Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

I looked to the Calvin Johnson era jerseys for the base of this G-Tech set and built off from that. That basically led to this semi-unique striping pattern for the jackets. Another major change was putting the yellow jacket on the helmet instead of the GT. The jacket just looks perfect on the lid with the shape of his body, I couldn't resist doing it! I kinda recolored him to match the set also....



Miami Hurricanes

I have a feeling that I'm going to get mixed emotions on this Miami set. I know the split number this has been used a lot on these boards, but I love it so I decided to put it on. The sleeves have the palm pattern sublimated on them, so do the pants. I used the hurricane logo on the side of the pants. Added a green helmet w/ white facemask. White helmet has green facemask.



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North Carolina Tar Heels

Also took inspiration from the basketball jerseys for UNC, just because that is what UNC is known for. So basically, this set is argyle pattern on the sleeves and pants with the basketball number font. And I added in a white helmet option. No need for navy pants...



Virginia Cavaliers

I didn't really want to change a whole bunch about the Virginia set...the main thing is the sword on the side of the pants. (I give credit to mbannon for the idea) And also a font that matches the V logo. (No, that is not Times New Roman)And that's about all I did for the Cavs.



Virginia Tech Hokies

So I wanted to go with the tripe stripe on the shoulder for VaTech, but I wanted something on them to still feel VaTech-ish. So I went to the Blacksburg font and I came up with this as the finished product. The collar logo is just a little something I whipped up in paint, that matches the VT logo. FWIW, The helmet tripe would be tapered like the current helmet they use.




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Boston College - I don't like how the Sleeves are double striped, but the Helmet and Pants are single striped, I would make the double stripes single stripes.

Clemson Tigers - Nice, the only thing that I would do is add a outline to the Wordmark and NOBs to match the Numbers.

Florida State Seminoles - No complaints, solid FSU concept.

Maryland Terps - I really feel that you should have went all out Oregon with this, 4 jerseys, 4 pants, 4 helmets. Nice job for the limited combinations that you have.

NC State Wolfpack - Again, good job, no criticism.

Wake Forest Deamon Deacons - You need to balance out the colors on the away, and add a Gold Alt for night games.

Duke Blue Devils - You need to either make the Sleeve and Helmet Northwestern Stripes pointy, or make the Pants Northwestern stripes go all the way to the bottom. Also, on the blue pants, they are the BLUE Devils, not the BLACK Devils

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets - Not a design complaint, but GT always felt more like a Under Armour school to me, not a Russell/Nike school

Miami Hurricanes - Flip the Pants logo and add a Orange helmet, and we have a winner.

North Carolina Tar Heels - The Number font looks a little off and I would add a Outline to the NOB

Virginia Cavaliers - Make the Orange jersey's Numbers, NOBs and Wordmark White and add NOB and Wordmark outlines on each jersey.

Virginia Tech Hokies - Solid concept

(The NC thing was intentional)

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Alright I'm back with the Big East guys...

Cincinnati Bearcats

Not really much of a change for Cincy. I added the claw marks back, and simplified the pants. I felt like having claw marks on the pants and jersey was just too much so i went with a simple pipe. Thats really about it for the Bearcats.



Connecticut Huskies

This is a pretty drastic change for UConn. I went with a look off of the old basketball jerseys. Also, you can see red in the uni for the huskies. I used the husky logo on the pants, and the C logo for the Helmet.


Louisville Cardinals

When I first started working on the cards, my intention was to use a striping pattern that resembles what their old cardinal logo is wearing. But I thought that it was just too old school for Louisville....so I tried to spice it up a but with a new sleeve stripe, and a number font that matches the wordmark. Also, added in a new red helmet and brought back the black jersey.



Pittsburgh Panthers

As you can see I got me inspiration from the Pitt PC unis that they wore last year. Put the striping on the sleeves and pants, used the PC number font, & added in a new navy blue helmet. That basically it for Pitt.


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Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Rutgers was pretty fun to do. I tried to use a font that matched the R logo for the names and the RUTGERS above the number on the front. Then for my pants stripe I went with a stripe that looks sorta like the bottom of a sword. And finally, a knight's armor second alternate for just 1 game.



South Florida Bulls

I really like south florida's new set so I really didn't change much except for making the logos/numbers/wordmarks have only one outline instead of two. And jazzing up the pants a bit.



Syracuse Orange

Big change here for Syracuse. I originally wanted to do something with the pattern 'Cuse uses on their bball shorts. But I couldn't thinkk of anything that looked good and I eventually got this. I got the grey numbers from the Syracuse basketball jerseys. I really like how it turned out.



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West Virginia Mountaineers

West Virginia's set is getting kinda old so I just wanted to go in a new direction with them. So WV got the PC pants stripe, and new jersey style, and I decide to put outlines on the numbers on the home jersey. I kept the West VA font, but thats about it.



C&C on the Big East and the ACC too.

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Cuse set looks great. Of all the concepts that have tried to replicate the hoops look onto the football jerseys, this is among the best. I love the placement of the sleeve stripe, which is interesting, as I can't stand the Bill's stripes that are in a similar location. I think this works because the stripes are anchored to the seam of the sleeve/shoulder and don't feel like they're floating in no-man's land...this effect works just as well on the pants too. Can't say that I love angry Otto on the hips...something makes it look out of place...that logo seems like it would work better between the neckline and nameplate on the back of the jersey. Not sure the helmet works for me, either. Maybe something simpler with a silver S outlined in white to match the jersey numbers with a single navy stripe to match the trim might work better? Now I'm getting picky, but I think that's just becuase I like the rest of the set that much.

As for the rest, I like the cleanness and simplicity of Cincinnati, but not a big fan of black-over-red. Also, there should probably be four claw marks to go along with the four claws on the logo (picky again...sorry.)

Love UConn (never thought I'd put those two words together.) Again, nice job of translating a basketball jersey onto a football set.

Also a big fan of Lousiville home and road. Not sure about the black set with the red helmet and pants, but that's just me.

Pitt and Rutgers both look mostly good, but I can't get past the extra tapered sleeve and pants stripe for Pitt, or the bottom of the pants stripe for Rutgers. I guess I see more traditional jerseys here, and the more modern flairs just don't seem to fit.

The South Florida set is beautiful. Perfect for that school.

The West Virginia changes make a lot of sense to, but for some reason when I see the white outlines, it begins to look more like Cal that West Virginia to me (ironic, I know, since Cal no longer has any white trim.) I think these would be perfect without the white trim on the navy and gold elements.

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